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Elden Ring is a game that will tick fans of the Souls series.

According to a reliable leaker, the game should have some highly requested features, so fans should be very happy.

PvP and online multiplayer games

Omnipotent, reliable leaker, confirmed Elden Ring will have both PvP and online multiplayer games.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice obviously lacks these content, so fans of Souls games will be happy with them.

They also confirmed that the game will be Character creation and class system Machinist, much like the former soul title.

“Until now, all soul games have used the same system. Start the class, and you can do anything other than that.”

Leaky trailer

Another interesting note of them Recent posts It’s because the recently leaked trailer was not completed by From Software, and they don’t know the existence of the trailer, which means it must be made secretly.

“I will avoid elaborating on how this happened, but what I want to say is that this is neither a “controllable” leak orchestrated by Bandai and Fromsoft, nor a “deliberate” leak to cause hype or similar stupidity. This is your usual practice. This funnel is made by Bandai for internal use only. It is very likely that you have not even realized it, let alone control it. As far as I know, at any other time, I have to declare, even though I I heard that “soon” ™ works are being disclosed, but this kind of leakage now is just a coincidence and does not mean that anything is happening. I suspect this will “force Bandai’s action” faster than they wanted Do anything, because it seems that they have been aware of this situation before going public.”

The new trailer gave us a first impression of the game, but did not pay much.

One of the features fans are looking forward to is the weather system, but it is not in the trailer.

“I think it will depend on your definition of a spoiler, but it can’t actually display a lot of things, or even some key features such as weather.”

Omnipotent also confirmed that the game will be much richer than other games from From Software.

“This is a very colorful game, and this is their intention. It’s not that there is no dark place, but a brighter, colorful and vibrant game is their intention to use the ER visual identity.”

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