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Players can quickly and easily increase their Valheim frame rate by approximately 30 to 40 additional frames.

Get 30-40 more frames on VALHEIM

Valheim became the most popular show on Steam this winter and built a huge community.The game is sold out 3 million copies in the first month. According to recent data, Iron Gate Studio reports that 5 million copies have been sold. Wallheim is popular because it recalls the classic MMORPG and combines modern quality of life mechanisms and improvements. With a good polishing of early access games, whether alone or immersed with up to 9 friends, this is a huge world.

However, sometimes the player’s frame rate may be reduced in the game, Especially when playing with more than ten players. Therefore, when attacking a leader with 15 Vikings attacking together, it can become crazy. Players can introduce a very simple repair procedure to ensure that their FPS is always at its best. It can be done in just a few simple steps:

  1. Open Steam and log in to your account
  2. Find Wallheim in your Steam library
  3. Right click on Valheim
  4. Click the “Properties” button
  5. Find the “Startup Options” section and copy and paste the following line: -Window mode exclusive-full screen display
  6. Alternatively, you can use the hotkey to switch between exclusive full screen and window full screen, set it to Alt + Enter on Windows 10.

This forces Wallheim to start in a proprietary full-screen mode instead of the borderless full-screen mode of windows. Although there are many benefits to keeping a full-screen window, depending on the system you are using, performing this trick can increase FPS by at least 30 FPS and up to 60 FPS. Important props for Reddit user u/bluEyedIllusion Found this trick.

As a reference, the poster’s device ran at 50-60 FPS and then increased to 90-110 FPS. The computer used is running on RTX 2080ti, i9-9900k and 32gb RAM.

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