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I asked Pyra and Mythra Announcement from last month Sighed. gh, more swordsmen?This is my preferred course Smash Bros Ultimate Edition, But even I started to get tired of them. However, after playing with the new duo for two hours, I am happy to announce that my initial skepticism was misplaced. Pyra and Mythra are not only excellent overall additions to the existing roster: they are now my two favorite rapier sets.

Pyra hits like a hammer, and Mythra killed death with a thousand cuts. This is a very basic synergy with complex high-level effects. However, the most important thing is that both fighters feel great. They change back and forth like The Legend of Zelda and the Chief, but there is a more subtle difference between attack and movement.For the elderly Smash Going there, it feels a bit like allowing the character to transform from the heavy Ike to the faltering fencer Marth, except for having more style and more abilities.

As a JRPG nerd, I have always been xenonDerivatives, although it feels a bit biased towards the three characters in the niche series of Nintendo’s large platform fighters, Pyra and Mythra have won their positions with some visually more satisfying moves in the game. Pyra’s sword strike combined the touch of Link’s boomerang with Young Link’s rocket knockback. With the recovery movement, Mythra’s lateral sword swing attack doubled, and her special move was completed with a wave of laser shock.Certain actions Smash the ultimate Great, even if it is a bad idea tactically, you just want to do it at any time. Both Pyra and Mythra have them.

In some ways, both feel very traditional Smash Warriors, but the added talent of their detailed animation and fantasy sci-fi original materials makes them feel worthwhile, and the game with more than 80 characters has new additions. Although I find that I prefer Pyra in general, their transformation, although it occupies a special place in its arsenal, is also fun to manage. Mythra can be combined more easily and quickly inflict damage, but sometimes all I have to do is smash people with Pyra’s fire sword. Her flanking attack is entirely possessed.

I consume Smash Bros 64 with Melee Except for Link and Young Link, I played almost nothing. Although I have entered the rest of the roster since then, they are still my top picks.As far as the ambition I admire plus my world character Or made weird One thing about piranha planting, In the end I always return to my standard.So far, Pyra and Mythra are the first two DLC fighters in the United States Smash Brother UltimatI actually found myself happily giving up my previous favorites. They are powerful and fun, and you don’t need to learn new mechanisms.

A large part of the reason why they won me so quickly is how each of their prototype sword moves brings some extra prosperity. The other is a sentimental anthropomorphic weapon artifact (Alien Blade Is a weird series) For me, it’s better than Fire signList of musketeers wearing capes.The latest fighter package also adds new The stage of the sea of ​​clouds, Which is very good, there are 16 Track from Xenoblade Chronicle 2Wonderful soundtrack. It even brings a new spirit, including the final transformation of the existing Rex.Overall, it is one of the most unique and memorable additions Smash Bros Ultimate Edition For a while


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