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Mandalorian is an important start for Fortnite Season 5.

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Fortnite Season 6Just around the corner.Developer Epic game The season will end by then, full of pop culture icons such as the Mandalorian, Chief Chief and Panthers.

The popular Royal Royale game is about to start next season, which means that the map may be changed, new character skins added, and end-of-season activities.

This is all the information about Fortnite Season 6.

When does season 6 start?

The possible start date is that Season 5 will end on March 15, which is Tuesday, March 16. Epic usually conducts an end-of-season in-game event, but so far, it has not provided any details.

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What is the theme of Season 6?

We don’t know yet. Season 5 is full of the best hunters from the real world, so star-studded actors include The Mandalorian, Chief Chief, Black Panther, Kratos, and even Michonne and Darryl in The Walking Dead.

Season 6 may focus again on zero Point, this is a ball of existence, the center of reality. Players have noticed that the sphere seems to be breaking this week. What happens when fully opened is still a mystery.

What happened in season 5?

This season is one of the longest, lasting 15 weeks. During those weeks, Agent John Jones, a member of the Imagined Order organization, traveled to different realities and recruited hunters with the purpose of preventing anyone from escaping from Zero Point to escape the Loop. Every week there is a new hunter from the pop culture world such as Halo, Universe, Star Wars, Street Fighter, Aliens, GI Joe, DC Comics and Marvel.

Fortnite on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox series, Switch and Android. It still cannot be used on iOS devices and Mac due to the following reasons: The legal battle between Apple and Epic Games.

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