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There are still a few months away from 2021, and the replenishment status of PS5 is still not clear. Retailers usually replenish PS5 inventory at pre-announced times from time to time (sometimes randomly) and at other times. Wal-Mart and Best Buy both have PS5 and PS5 Digital stocks this week, but it can be expected that both retailers will soon sell out. The ability to buy a PS5 depends largely on luck and timing, but there are many ways to increase the chances of actually protecting Sony’s new console.

How to buy PS5: Our best tips

  • Follow the replenishment account on Twitter and turn on notifications: Favorite account Wario64, game time, PS5 replenishment reminder, with PS5 stock alert Tweets will be issued when PS5 inventory is available in PlayStation Direct and other stores, and turning on notifications will ensure that you don’t miss any news (but please note that accounts such as Wario64 will also tweet information about transactions and non-PS5 news). Of course, we will post PS5 replenishment information on our account, GameSpot Special,as well as.
  • Keep logged in at major retailers and make sure the information is up to date: You don’t want to check out without having to update your address or payment information-at that time, the PS5 may be sold out. Ensure that all major retailers’ shipping and billing information are up to date, and keep logged in when possible.
  • Announce in advance and be prepared at the exact replenishment time: Both Wal-Mart and GameStop have a history of announcing PS5 replenishment in advance, from a few days in advance to an hour in advance. Although this is convenient for people looking to buy, it also gives the scalpers enough time to prepare, so they may be the most frustrating replenishment. In other words, there are still many people who are lucky with these pre-announced replenishments, so you want to prepare your computer and payment information at the set time.
  • Look out for smaller retailers: Amazon, Wal-Mart, GameStop, Target and Best Buy are not the only ones selling PS5. If you are a Costco member, we have seen PS5 appear here, and the Exchange store sometimes provides consoles for military personnel. We also saw PS5 in Kohl’s, Meijer, Newegg, etc., so don’t assume that you are limited to large stores.
  • Know if you are willing to buy a bundle: Stores like GameStop and Antonline have been selling PS5, bundled with an additional controller and other accessories and games, and the price is higher. Although these bundles are often priced at the exact price of all the items they contain, some of these bundles contain items that you may not actually want, so you must determine whether the price is worth the price. For its value, we recommend that you wait as long as possible to buy a game console at the price of MSRP, but if you are willing to buy an expensive game pack, you can get a PS5 more easily.
  • Bookmark product pages: This helps to understand exactly where online retailers sell the PS5, so you can list bookmarks directly on Wal-Mart, Best Buy and other sites. We have added these links later in this article.

When will PS5’s inventory stabilize?

in a Recent earnings reportSony confirmed that it sold 4.5 million PS5 game consoles from October to December. The company acknowledged the current shortage of PS5, but promised to “do everything possible” to provide consumers with more PS5s, adding that it is expected to sell 7.6 million PS5 units in the first fiscal year. However, the PS5 inventory situation will not improve until this summer at the earliest.Microsoft recently admitted Xbox Series X stock It will not be available until June at least, so we hope the PS5 will do the same.

PlayStation owner Jim Ryan (Jim Ryan) recently Response to PS5 inventory status In the interview GQ. He said: “I know some people want PS5, but they can’t find it.” “We are very sorry about this, obviously thanks to such a strong demand.” Ryan added that PlayStation is working hard to acquire more PS5 units in inventory, and fans You can expect PS5 inventory to increase every month. “In terms of increasing production, we have been working tirelessly, and I really have nothing to say.”

Where to buy PS5: Check availability

We will continue to update this guide when the PS5 unit goes on sale-you can view the direct retail list and the latest inventory information at the major retailers below.According to the above tips, you should remember whether you are willing to buy expensive bundled software or are you willing to pay more than the suggested retail price for the PS5 itself, just like third-party sellers like Stock X It is also a choice. However, we recommend that you wait to buy the PS5 at MSRP (not a few hundred dollars higher than the list price).

PS5 and PS5 Digital are priced at US$500 and US$400, respectively.

PS5 availability on PlayStation Direct

PlayStation Direct often opens queues for shoppers to purchase PS5 (and other products on first-party websites), but it usually takes more than an hour to figure out whether PS5 is available. Nevertheless, it is worth checking PS Direct frequently, as it is the only store that still releases PS5 regularly. However, the queue also seems to be somewhat random.

Please note that finding a queue on PS Direct does not necessarily mean that the PS5 is in stock. It just indicates that the store has high traffic. Enter the queue and wait. If you find the queue, you will feel very comfortable, but you will stay on the computer for a while, but knowing that there is no guarantee that it will be in stock when you arrive in the queue.

PS5 availability on GameStop

On February 24, there will be a large number of PS5 replenishments on GameStop. PS5 and PS5 Digital can be purchased separately or in bundles. The inventory of these bundles is longer than we have seen before, and this is the biggest PS5 drop we have seen on GameStop so far. There is no news about when the next PS5 replenishment will be made at GameStop.

Walmart offers PS5

The last time Wal-Mart had PS5 and PS5 Digital inventory on March 4th. This is the retailer’s first major replenishment in about a month.

Best Buy’s PS5 availability

Best Buy’s last PS5 replenishment time is March 5. Throughout the holiday period, there is no inventory on Best Buy’s bookshelves, but retailers said that the console will be available in 2021. Store it in case you need it from time to time.

Target’s PS5 availability

Target’s last replenishment date was February 25th. Both PS5 and PS5 Digital are available, but they sell quickly. We still recommend calling your local store to get inventory. Since its release, this is only the third PS5 replenishment we have seen on Target.

Amazon’s PS5 availability

Amazon has always been the least reliable retailer when it comes to PS5 replenishment-we have barely seen inventory of next-generation consoles since its launch. The latest Amazon PS5 replenishment occurred on March 3. We only saw PS5 Digital’s inventory, which was gone within a few minutes.

Where can I buy PS5 accessories

Some PS5 accessories are difficult to find in inventory, but there are many good third-party options.
Some PS5 accessories are difficult to find in inventory, but there are many good third-party options.

and Pulse 3D wireless headphones It has been difficult to buy for several months, and now Sony’s inventory of first-party headsets has stabilized in most retailers. However, there are some excellent third-party PS5 headsets worth considering.Our personal favorite is Razer BlackShark V2 Pro wireless headphones; Other great options include SteelSeries Bear 1 with Astro A50. Any PS4 headset you have can also be used.

Other available PS5 official accessories, such as media remotes and DualSense charging stations, are still more difficult to find in inventory than headphones, although the usability is gradually starting to improve.

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Where to buy the biggest game on PS5

There are many PS5 games available now, including Launch title like Spider-Man: Miles Morales with Demon Soul. Keep in mind that since its release, many PS4 games with free next-generation upgrades have been discounted, which is better than buying the PS5 version directly.

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