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Wizards of the Coast announced History Collection IV And will be released soon MTG: Arena.The new set was first teased in an email and then sent to players who managed to qualify for the competition Calderheim The championship game will come later this month. Since then, WotC has fully revealed the setting and is expected to be deleted on March 11.

MTG: Arena Love a good historical scene

new History Collection IV It will be an anthology (very weird, isn’t it?!?) that will bring new cards MTG: Arena There was no one before.Historic arenaFormat, use all the cards in the game that have been released since the game was launched in 2018, and gradually add old cards in the following ways Historical anthology set. So far, The Witcher has also released 3 other historical suit games, adding some very crazy cards to the game, which were previously unavailable in the digital version of the world’s largest card game.

In the past, historical anthologies have proved to be able to drastically subvert the historical form by big figures like Thalia, the guardian of Sarabong, and this latest performance seems to be no exception.And cards like Blinkmoth Nexus What’s exciting is that the real standout is Think Twice, a cheap draw that will reappear when it is most useful to players.Of course, it is far less than the glitz of the shadow of death. That is a 13/13 card. The more lives the player has, the weaker it becomes.

As early as 2015/2016, “Shadow of Death” was the prototype of the modern format. It managed to see some top games, using various cards to quickly reduce the total life value, and allow players to bring powerful creatures into it faster The battlefield sometimes wins the second round as soon as possible. “Shadow of Death” is not only the cornerstone of one of the most interesting archetypes in the game, but also survived its other key banned works (such as Pryexian Probe). In the end, the prototype changed form up to 3 times, but until 2017, it still managed to see the top game.

Who knows what will happen MTG: Arena When it hits. Although some key components of the original deck list are missing, such as cards with Phyrexian Mana, the shelter can still be used. Considering its raw power, it seems that players may try to find new horror methods to use “Shadow of Death”.

Coming to a (digital) table near you

You can view the complete list of cards included in this set of cards.

Loving Lanova
Facing catapult
Eternal eternity
Blinkmoth link
Bone Splitter
Heart of Cold Steel
Collect magic
Shadow of death
Stone Declaration
Pious belief
Skilled Flame Blade
Goblin Gaveleer
Harasa, the guardian of Alashan
Harmless dedication
Iceberg Cancrix
Inspiring statue
Lys Alana Huntmaster
The Sleep of Maritt Rager
Jagged Destroyer
Spider laying eggs
Sword of Body and Mind
Think twice
Saipan Inspector
Torture of the Scarab
Triumphant calculation

History Collection IV It should drop on March 11, and it will come with 25 new cards in the box, MTG: Arena Historical structure format.The set allows you to return 4,000 gems or 25,000 gold coins, so I hope you can save money in the game arena Stag.For more information, please check Wizard’s own website.

Are you excited about new things? Historical anthology put? Do you think that the meta game will change dramatically this time? Let us know in the comments below.

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