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Apple seems to have been discontinued iMac Pro, And the Mac model is now only available in a single configuration, but only for “supply duration”.

IMac Pro update from the online Apple Store Checklist Late Friday severely limits the model’s potential purchase options for customers. This change seems to indicate that Apple is completely stopping production of this model and is selling its last batch of products.

The store page contains the text “While Supply last” at the top of the page. Although customers used to be able to configure iMac Pros with different specifications, they can now only purchase one option.

The only option is to provide a 3.0GHz 10-core Intel Xeon W processor with 32GB of 2,666MHz ECC memory, 1TB of SSD storage, Radeon Pro Vega 56 8GB and 10Gb Ethernet. It is priced at US$4,999, and there is no option to upgrade or customize orders from Apple itself.

Previously, there were configuration options for 14-core and 18-core processors, Vega 64 graphics, up to 4TB of storage space and up to 256GB of memory.

This change does not apply to third-party resellers, who will have inventory of some other configurations.

Although Apple has not announced that this model has been discontinued, the minimal configuration options and the warning of “while stocks last” strongly indicate that Apple has discontinued the model. It is not clear whether a new version of the iMac Pro series will be launched in the future, or whether it will be absorbed into mainstream products. iMac Within the scope of future product line updates.

Since its launch in 2017, the iMac Pro has received some specification updates, but there have been no major upgrades in the design.Some people guess Update model Last December, despite supply chain rumors, it did not provide any real details about what was happening.

Apple also plans to actively migrate its Mac products from Intel processors to Apple chips within two years, but iMac Pro seems unlikely to be part of it. Apple is thought to be preparing to redesign the iMac, Apple Silicon freed 2021.


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