Encoding error locks authors whose last name is’True’ in iCloud | Instant News

A seeming flaw iCloud Due to the interpretation of the last name “True”, the encoding seems to prevent the author from accessing his account.

The author Rachel True complained on Twitter that he could not log in to his iCloud account.According to the tweet February 27, Due to a coding problem, the author has been unable to access her account for six months.

A tweet that caused this issue showed a diagnostic screen stating that “iCloud has stopped responding” and diagnostic data can be sent to Apple. report iMore. The detail part of the window mentions “Cannot set the value true to the property lastName”, which is part of the content to be sent.

It seems that iCloud will interpret the “true” last name as a boolean flag instead of a text string, and the program cannot interpret and interrupt the text string correctly.

True claimed that she had called Apple’s customer service department for several hours on the issue, but to no avail. Future tweets Has the author made a suggested error and is eligible for her to get Error bounty remuneration.

As of March 6, True still does not have access to the account, but was informed Apple will contact you on Monday or Tuesday and provide further assistance.


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