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When you have fun time goes by, and streaming on Twitch is probably the most interesting thing I can think of. Image: Dasser Kamran / Fulcrum

It’s incredible that people like to watch TV and choose to support me”

In the past month, realizing that it is 1 am, and that I have been playing video games for the past seven hours has become the norm.

Trust me, it’s not as bad as it sounds. When you have fun time goes by, and streaming on Twitch is probably the most interesting thing I can think of.

Playing video games alone is fun, but it’s better to let the audience in the chat interact and cheer you on. Playing my favorite games with my friends in a beautiful small community I built is not only satisfying, but inspiring, and expressed in the simplest way, it brings me incredible happiness.

At 6 pm, I turned on the camera-honestly, I stared at the camera for a minute to decide if I could pose-turned on “Call of Duty: War Zone” and fired stream And stayed with my team all night long. Usually the streamer companions and real-life friends provide a perfect atmosphere together.

We wandered all night and tried to win the game. Of course, when the game has downtime, I will take the time to read and reply to the comments in the chat-my chat will seize every opportunity to bake me, especially my gameplay. Everything is fun, I really think that everyone who chats is my friend.

Whenever I hear a ringtone from a new follower or new subscription, I will calmly face it. This makes me smile every time. It feels incredible that people like to watch my live broadcast and choose to support me, and I still can’t get around it.

If I kept saying that it was a complete happiness, then I would lie. For some reason, I do feel anxious. Sometimes, I worry that no one wants to watch it, and I’m wasting time to build a follower. Other times, I worry that I will have to deal with hate comments. In fact, endless positivity is better than one or two negative comments about my appearance, whether it’s women playing video games or flooding.

Sometimes, I feel tired or depressed and don’t want to linger, but among my friends and followers, I am always excited about it. But on the other hand, some nights I don’t want to log out, but I just want to continue playing and chatting all night.

When I ended the live broadcast, it was usually because of my eye and back injuries, or the game really made me crazy, so I didn’t want to play it anymore. I lie in bed, click on a friend’s stream, or browse my own clips.

Although I usually have headaches and exhaustion, I still can’t wait to do it again the next day.

Again, I have a lot of great friends to communicate with me, and a great community, they will hang out with me whenever I live on Twitch. I have been thinking about how to make better streamers and improve the viewer’s viewing experience. I am very happy to be a streamer and also very happy to continue to build my own community.

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