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My first Pokémon was a Chikorita named Chicky, and I love that little green horse with all my heart.I missed many opportunities and came a little later than many friends and colleagues Pokémon red and blue By not owning a game boy, but I spent a lot of time watching other people wandering in the creepy little cemetery in Lavender Town, or showing off Pikachu’s smiling face outdoors. Pokémon Yellow.

I know I want to be part of this craze, so when I finally get into the Game Boy Color, I must tell my parents to let me Pokémon Gold. My brother got Pokémon Silver, and we shared the ownership of Link Cable.That is magical time.

This is not Chicky. This is some small thousand korita in the anime
This is not Chicky. This is some small thousand korita in the anime Picture: Pokémon Company)

At that time, I didn’t know much about the advantages of type-and I didn’t care. For most children, Pokémon is a game where you can keep pets and make them fight other people’s pets, even though it’s the basic rock-paper-scissors game of “scissors to hit water, water to fire, grass to hit water”. The basic understanding will leave you behind, and the situation becomes more complicated when you try to come up with the wrong type of reasoning that defeats the mental type or the fighting type to defeat the ordinary type. It’s best to just ignore all these things and make sure that many actions are hit hard.

My dear Chicky soon joined many other Pokémon that I kept mainly because they are cute. One of my favorite games is your favorite Togepi, called “Eggy” because it’s scary for kids to come up with creative names.He has a metronome, and this move is randomly withdrawn from every available move, even though the metronome is Is not This is a good move for Pokémon tactically, and it makes my battles unexpected and surprising every time.

Boy, these are many steps.
Boy, these are many steps. Picture: Game Freak)

I also have a Mareep named-the main points that can be guessed correctly-“Sheepy” and a Golduck, “Ducky”, the purpose is to make my party more powerful. My favorite is-and still is-Swinub, a pig slime, let’s be honest, I might call it “Little Pig”. When he turned into an ugly Piros, I was very disappointed, but this at least means that we may be more intense in the fight.

Indigo Plateau is a bit anti-climax
Indigo Plateau is a bit anti-climax

When I reached the seemingly endless maze of tunnels and formed the road to victory for the last step in the Pokémon League, I had a level 70 millionaire (Chicky), plus I just caught Ho-Oh and my brother’s Lugia, I let him trade me because I am a terrible sister. I challenged the Elite Four for the first time-well, you might not be surprised to hear that the team of Pokémon that my team was selected for Pokémon did not go too far.

Go back to the road to victory and rush some Onixes, a few hours later-still no joy. I spend all my money on Revives and Hyper Potions, but I have almost no time to use them between the elite four-person elite one-strike nirvana. For my team, the situation is not good-we are eliminated over and over again, and I can’t help but imagine that each of the elite four sees this idiot kid entering their room over and over again and feels a little sorry for me but I I don’t want to give up. This is an era before “playing other games” becomes an option.This is my game, I plan to hit Even if it took forever.

So, it’s time to be serious. Cue montage music.


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