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Tomb Raider: The Ultimate Survivor Trilogy – Coming unexpectedly soon (Photo: Microsoft)

Although there are no signs of next-generation upgrades, a collection of all three “Tomb Raider” restart games has appeared on the Microsoft Store.

2021 is an important anniversary year for many outstanding video game franchises, including “Tomb Raider”, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in October.

Square Enix has confirmed This year will be full of announcements And the release of new games, and the first hint in the next mainline sequel, mobile games and animated Netflix series.

It also promised to provide some “special features”, which seems to be the place where “Tomb Raider: The Ultimate Survivor Trilogy” appeared. Since the restart of the trilogy began in 2013, every game and every DLC film has Join them.

“This series contains all the final version content of each acclaimed prequel title-“Tomb Raider: Final Edition”, “Tomb Raider: 20 Years of Rise” and “Tomb Raider: Final Edition” , Please read the now edited store description.

“With all the final content of each game, “Trilogy” promises to have dozens of hours of thrilling exploration and challenging problem solving methods with Lara in the process of Lara becoming the destined Tomb Raider. Fight for survival.”

The store’s launch date is set for March 18, which is Thursday, which is surprising because there seems to be no obvious reason why Square Enix kept this kind of thing secret until the launch event was so close.

Maybe someone from the Microsoft Store entered the wrong date, but given the description and illustrations, the collection itself is not a real possibility.

Unfortunately, there is no indication that any game can undergo any next-generation upgrades. Although HDR and 4K support are listed, at least there is.

Naturally, there is no mention of whether the series will be released on the PlayStation, but there seems to be no reason to assume that it will not be released on the PlayStation.

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