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Coming soon Apple Store, Fantasia Is a brand new RPG from the creators of Final Fantasy Sakaguchi Hiroshinobu With the composer Nobuo Uematsu. In order to promote the release of the game, the developer Mistwalker Corporation revealed new details and a pair of new trailers. Fantasia.The game is called “Diorama Adventure RPG” by the company and will There is an exquisite hand-crafted environment for players to explore, as well as a turn-based RPG gameplay. The storyline of the game will focus on an amnestic hero named Leo to restore his memory and prevent the mechanical infection that swept the land. FantasiaThe trailer for the story can be found at the top of this article.

In addition to the story trailer, a trailer focusing on the game’s features has also been released, which can be found below.

The three-dimensional effect method of the game should give it a unique appearance!Created more than 150 diorama Fantasia. Each of these environments was constructed by senior staff from projects such as Godzilla Films and Superman.The feature trailer gives the audience a brief understanding of the diorama that can be seen in it Fantasia, But players will have a better chance to explore it throughout the game.

Explore will be in Fantasia And the turn-based combat of the game has been customized, providing players with more opportunities to study the diorama environment in their leisure time.that is because Fantasia It will feature the so-called “Battle of Dimekingen” mechanism. Players can choose to send enemies they encounter to a “separate three-dimensional dungeon”. After transferring a few enemies, the player will be able to take them all away immediately. According to the developers, this method should give players more time to explore unhindered games. It is interesting to see if adding more monsters to an encounter will make the battle more difficult!

During the journey of Leo, the player will have the opportunity to fill in his knowledge gap. Players can do this by searching for in-game novels with artwork, music, and sound effects. Sakaguchi is carefully designing the game’s storyline, and it looks like the kind of RPG that old-fashioned Final Fantasy fans hope to follow in the coming weeks!

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