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The Ark Survival Evolved version 2.25 update is available for download now for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Here are complete sticky notes for this update.

The new update for Ark Survival Evolved implements a number of bug fixes. This patch server to version 547.14 on PS4. Get the complete update to Ark Survival Evolved 2.25 sticky notes below.

Ark Survival Evolved Update Version 2.25 Full Patch Notes (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Current Version: v547.14 – 07/04/2020

  • Add content to the Eggcellent Adventure event
  • The problem where options / settings are reset each time the game is closed and reopened has been fixed
  • Introducing an increase in damage multiplier that comes in from a cryopod-release debuff
  • This can be adjusted according to the command line / GameUserSettings.ini parameter ‘CryopodNerfIncomingDamageMultPercent’ where 0.25 = 25%
  • This is activated by our officials PvP server and is set to 25% by default
  • The booty will now open automatically when purchased if you fly or swim
  • Complete the full bait on Loot Crates to increase the variety and quality of the booty

PvP Official Server Removal for the following:

  • TEK Settings (Chest, Leggings, Helmets, Gloves and Boots)
  • MEK (Including Attachments & Ammunition MEK)
  • Grenade Cluster

The official Genesis server removes the following:

  • Tamed Reaper
    • note: Every tamed MEK or Reaper that is in the cryopod now cannot appear when using that cryopod. You can let it expire, or discard it.

TEK Settings:

  • Increase in TEK Suit repair costs by around 20%
  • Wearing a full TEK suit will prevent you from being targeted by bees when you open the hive
  • Capped TEK Suit has 1500 durability
  • TEK Suit is now improving scale with quality


  • Pistol Damage vs Sent Beast reduced by 30%
  • MEK Rocket Boost (tapping / holding space) should no longer damage any creature or player being tamed.
  • Reduce the MEK movement speed by 20% when the shield rises
  • Sword Damage versus Reduced Beings and Players is reduced by 25%

Bog Spider Balance Change:

  • Reduces the range where he can wrestle enemies just slightly below the maximum automatic tower range (5800 units)

Pelagornis Balance Change:

  • Polymer weight is reduced by up to 80% when in Pelagornis supply
  • Increase in polymer yield by around 30%


  • Reduces the maximum damage scale from 12.5x to 8x when charging
  • Increase the time / distance needed to charge up to a maximum of 20% (so it takes longer to reach the 8x)
  • The Rhino is now influenced by Y Plant’s crowd control

Grenade Cluster:

  • Cluster fragments if shot by a turret will now blow up all other fragments from the same original grenade


  • Can now make TEK Replicator (TEK Replicator has been removed from Loot Crates in Genesis)


  • Starting forced respec once of all characters on the Official Server
  • Initiates cooldown permission forcibly writing thoughts once on the Official Server


  • Adds the function “Grind All” added to the grinder
  • Adds an optional visual indicator for the TEK trough radius
  • Note: This setting defaults to OFF. It also doesn’t save, meaning it must be turned on if you leave the stasis range. This will be resolved in a future update
  • Gachas will no longer automatically consume soup / fan food. This means they will not accidentally eat it when stored in a trough.
  • Cryosickness is disabled on PvE Official Server (Can be disabled on Unofficial use: EnableCryoSicknessPVE = true on GameUserSettings.ini)

Damage repair:

  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to cancel the Spinos animation and attack twice.
  • Fixed many bugs related to locations that display Mission Areas when they were not supposed to or vice versa

Ark Survival Evolved is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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