Higher MacBook Pro 13-Inch Models Can Use 87-Watt Power Adapters, but Will Not Charge Faster | Instant News

The new 13-inch high-end model MacBook Pro launching this week was able to take advantage of the high wattage power adapter, as revealed in the regulatory label for the new engine.

The Apple 13MacBook Pro 13 13-inch model from Apple has been shipped with a 61-watt USB-C power adapter since 2016, with these machines typically rated to draw a maximum of 20.3 volts and 3 amps. You have been able to safely use a higher wattage power adapter for a long time, but the maximum power draw is still limited by the machine itself, so it won’t charge faster.

For the first time, the 13-inch 2020 ‌MacBook Pro‌ model is higher with the 10th generation Intel processor carrying double power ratings of 20.3V / 3.0A and 20.2V / 4.3A, which means that this model can also accept Apple 87-adapter Wattage power that was previously sent with the 15 inch MacBook Pro. Many other Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C accessories such as docks and displays can also produce 87 watts to a connected computer.

The lower class MacBook Pro configuration with 8th generation processors is still rated for 61 watts, and all models ship with a 61-watt power adapter.

While it makes sense to think that the high-end “MacBook Pro” model might be able to charge faster using an 87-watt adapter than they do with the 61-watt adapter they send, sources say MacRumors that this did not happen. The maximum charging speed configured on the machine remains the same, so you won’t notice the difference.

Where users might see little benefit with adapters with higher wattage for those running demanding applications that produce high temporary workloads. In this situation, there is little headroom for the 87 watt adapter to provide additional power to the machine. However, most users will not hit the 61-watt adapter limit that is included, especially on a regular basis, so users won’t see any benefit.

So while the changes will not have a real-world impact on anyone but some professional-level users regularly maximize the capabilities of their machines, those who are curious about the new power rating stamped at the bottom of their machine at least have an explanation.


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