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WhatsApp users can now make group audio or video calls to all participants with a special button directly. Unfortunately, this feature is only available in WhatsApp groups with only four or fewer members, because that is the maximum number of contacts you can make with group calls. To recall, in the previous version of WhatsApp, users were required to add members individually when making group calls through WhatsApp groups. The latest developments were announced on Monday by Facebook’s messaging company on Twitter. The update is available on Android and iOS devices in India.

Based on What is wrong, the enhanced feature makes it “easier” for users to use the group call feature.

“We have made it easier than ever to start group calls from WhatsApp for groups of four or less. From the chat group you tap the video icon or voice call to immediately start a call with everyone in the chat,” the company said in Indonesia.

To use this feature, iPhone and Android users first need to update their WhatsApp application to the latest version. After that, users with WhatsApp groups of four or more participants can only open the group chat box and tap on the video call icon or voice icon in the upper right corner of the screen to make a group call. This will automatically start a group call with four or fewer members without having to select each participant.

It is important to note that the feature is currently only available in WhatsApp groups with four members or less.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp has been released a new beta version on Android that includes evidence of new features such as ‘Advanced Search’ that will allow users to find all types of media seamlessly. The company is also working on new ‘auto download’ rules which will prevent frequently-forwarded media files from being downloaded automatically.

WhatsApp too Upgrade efforts to limit the circulation of false news and misinformation on the platform. The company has recently narrowed the limit of messages that are often forwarded to one chat at a time that is contrary to the previous rules that allow users to forward messages up to five times.


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