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Encounter Nabra, This is a French startup company, today launched a new application focused on women’s health. On Nabla, you will find several services, all of which should help you stay healthy. In short, Nabla enables you to chat with practitioners, provides community content, helps you centralize all medical data, and quickly provides telemedicine appointments.

The main function of Nabla now is to be able to talk to health professionals. You can send messages to general practitioners, gynecologists, midwives, nurses, nutritionists or physical therapists.

Although text discussions will not completely replace in-person appointments, they will undoubtedly help. By increasing the number of interactions with health professionals, you may be healthier, and you may even end up booking more face-to-face appointments.

Other French startups have also been having text conversations with practitioners.For example, health insurance company Allen It allows you to seek help from a general practitioner-but you must be insured by Alan. Biloba Can also make you Chat with doctor -But the company has always focused on pediatrics.

Nabla is positioned differently and provides this feature for free-although only a small number of questions can be sent every month, there are certain limitations. If it is a common question, you can find the answer from the community. Nabla’s doctors will also curate community content.

Using free products to talk about your health is doubtful. But this is because the startup is well-funded and plans to introduce advanced features.

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The startup has raised $20.2 million (17 million euros) and has already worked with a group of doctors who are willing to answer questions from the company’s first users (or patients). The company’s investors include Xavier Niel, Artemis, Rachel Delacour, Julie Pellet, Marc Simoncini and Firstminute Capital.

One of the reasons Nabla was able to raise a lot of money before releasing its app is that the three co-founders have a good track record in the technology ecosystem.

Co-founder and CEO Alexandre Lebrun previously founded VirtuOz, which was acquired by Nuance, and Wit, Has been acquired by Facebook. Recently, he worked for Facebook’s AI Research Team (FAIR).

Co-founder and COO Delphine Groll has been leading the business development and communication of the two major media groups Feminine with My little paris. Martin Raison, Nabla’s co-founder and CTO, worked with Alexandre Lebrun on and Facebook.

In addition to text conversations, Nabla can also display all your past interactions in your personal log. You can link this log with other apps and services (such as Apple’s Health app, Clue, and Withings). In this way, you can view all the data from the same application.

As you might have guessed, this startup truly believes that machine learning can help in prevention and overall care. By default, for machine learning purposes, Nabla does not share any content. But users can choose to join and share data to improve processes, personalize, etc.

Ultimately, Nabla hopes to optimize the interaction with the doctor as much as possible. The startup said that it does not want to completely replace doctors, but instead hopes to strengthen medical interaction so that doctors can focus on the human and empathetic parts.

Nabla plans to launch telemedicine services so that you can interact with doctors in real time and advanced services with more features. That was an ambitious roadmap, and it would be interesting to follow Nabla in the long run to see if they stick to their original vision and find a loyal user base.

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