Ark/8 partnered with Bungie to develop a new Destiny clothing line | Instant News

High-end clothing brand ARK/8 created Destiny Europa Capsule Series Cooperate with Bungie.

“The press conference wrote: “Inspired by Jupiter’s icy Europa moon, Europa is the main destination of Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion. It is composed of jackets, hoodies, sweaters, T-shirts and accessories that blend the future Pie and streetwear look. “We’re not sure how many Jupiter’s moons were involved in the design process, but simple-designed clothing does look good.

Unlike many costumes related to games, fate The Europa Capsule Collection is not too gorgeous, with a low-key and simple design, with only a little color.

The jacket, whether it is a bomber or a puffer fish, is printed with the Frozen Frontier logo of Beyond Light, which is a reference for tidy games. In addition, the stitched top and pattern add a nod to the game, reminiscent of Europa’s armor.

The high-end nature of all this will make you pay 30 euros for three pairs of socks, even if they look like beautiful socks, you also hope that at this price, they may add some statistical rewards.

This is not the first time you have been able to purchase some “destiny” themed clothing through “Destiny”. Bunge Store, Or previously called “insert coins”, but these threads are undoubtedly the most peculiar.

You can browse the entire ARK / 8 x Destiny Europa capsule series Here.

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