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But if you pick up “A” and turn it upside down, then you…

Jesus, the Internet likes a good conspiracy story. Developer Blue Box Game, He recently showed off the upcoming PS5 exclusive game, abandoned, Has been forced to insist that the creepy survival horror title is not actually a top-secret cooperation, because Internet rumors are contrary to this.

After the Dutch studio revealed its creepy new project, PlayStation Blog Yesterday, the tongue of the Internet immediately began to sway Metal Gear The creator is involved in the development of the next generation of games. Theorists believe that “Blue Box Games” and the director “Hasan Kahraman” (THE INITIALS!!) are just pseudonyms for Kojima.New statement about the studio Recognized sparse websiteHowever, he claimed that this speculation was unreasonable.

“We received several emails about Hideo Kojima’s rumors,” Blue Box Games said. “We are not affiliated with Hideo Kojima, nor do we claim to be affiliated, nor do we intend to make such a statement. We are a small group of developers dedicated to the passionate work we have been committed to for a long time.”

“In the past we have been assisting other studios with projects and we want to work on our first large project. Indeed, we have been working on small projects in the past, but we certainly did not use it for marketing purposes. We hope this clarifies this. Thing and hope to see everyone in our first gameplay abandoned. “

It should also be noted- Discovered by VentureBeat -As a studio, Blue Box is not for nothing. As early as 2015, it released songs around Steam’s Greenlight and Early Access plans. will fulfill. *

abandoned It is scheduled to be released exclusively on PS5 later in 2021.

*He will not.not him


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