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According to DualShockers, the upcoming “Final Fantasy XVI” is not unique to Playstation 5. report Thursday, April 8

The news comes after the release of a new listing on the Australian PlayStation PS5 game page, stating that “Final Fantasy 16” will only be dedicated to the timed PS5 console.

For Twitter users and PC gamers, the rumors may be good news, thanks to the surprisingly beautiful prints found by Twitter users.

(Photo: Final Fantasy XVI official page)

“Final Fantasy XVI”: Xbox Rumors and Release Date Forecast

Miraculous Maku posted this discovery on Twitter on April 6, adding that Sony alluded to the possibility that the game might eventually be released on other platforms.

The rumors began with the “Final Fantasy XVI” in September 2020, when the announcement slide pointed out that this was a limited-time PS5 game.

However, both Square Enix and Sony deleted all the “timed exclusive” content in the game announcement trailer, which implies that it is permanently exclusive to the PS5.

In addition, after the trailer instructs its PC version to be released, it prompts “Final Fantasy XVI” to enter the PC. However, Square Enix replied: “As to whether “Final Fantasy 16″ will be released on platforms other than PS5, we have no further information.”

Although the release date of “Final Fantasy XVI” has not yet been determined, but before Tech Radar Speculate The game may be released sooner than expected.

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Japan vote: Which “Final Fantasy” game character is the best?

The iconic “Final Fantasy” series remains one of the best-selling video games of all time, and its remake of the most famous work “Final Fantasy VII” continues to be well received by its loyal fans.

In order to end the debate about the “Final Fantasy” game should be put first, the Japanese public broadcaster NHK launched Polls In December 2019, 468,654 people participated and voted.

Unexpectedly, “Final Fantasy X” became Japan’s best “Final Fantasy” game of choice, beating “Final Fantasy VII”.

For the latter, this is not a complete loss, because the protagonist Cloud of “Final Fantasy VII” became the best “Final Fantasy” character, and Aerith followed closely behind.

Cloud Warfare in Final Fantasy VII

(Photo: Square Enix official press release)

The complete list is as follows:

NHK Japan Voted-Best Final Fantasy Game

  1. Final Fantasy X
  2. Final Fantasy VII
  3. Final Fantasy VI
  4. Final Fantasy Nine
  5. Final Fantasy XIV
  6. Final Fantasy v
  7. Final Fantasy Eight
  8. Final Fantasy IV
  9. Final Fantasy Eleven
  10. Final Fantasy XV

NHK Japan Poll-Best Final Fantasy Character

  1. Cloud (VII)
  2. Yuna (X)
  3. Erice (VII)
  4. Live (IX)
  5. Zidane (IX)
  6. Galves (XIV) Solus Village
  7. Tidus (X)
  8. Lightning (13)
  9. Tifa (VII)
  10. Zach (VII)

It is worth noting that although the earlier “Final Fantasy” game was on the best game list, all the characters before “Final Fantasy VII” did not enter the best role list.

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