500 million LinkedIn accounts fell victim to hacker data collection campaign | Instant News

It looks like Facebook Not the only online platform that deals with the consequences of large-scale user data breaches. After reporting a data breach containing information from 500 million LinkedIn users, the company’s officials confirmed the findings today.

According to a new report, hackers have captured user data on the site and are currently selling these criminals.According to the report, 2 million records have been provided as a proof of concept, while the records of the remaining files are relatively low [and undisclosed] Four-digit price tag.

The data obtained from the most recent crawl activity includes the user’s full name, email address, phone number, workplace information, social media connection and account ID, according to online news. What is unknown is whether the information to be sold comes from a new LinkedIn leak or from a previous event.

How Facebook response Regarding its own “data scraping” incident, LinkedIn seems to have downplayed the severity of the data leak. “While we are still investigating this issue, the published data set appears to contain publicly viewable information crawled from LinkedIn, as well as data aggregated from other websites or companies,” a LinkedIn spokesperson explained in a statement. Business insider. “Deleting our member data from LinkedIn violates our terms of service, and we have been working hard to protect our members and their data.”

These data may not only be used in attacks against affected LinkedIn users through phishing and other social engineering attacks, but also against their employers.A growing problem is that if a bad party will get data from LinkedIn incidents with Other violation data Create highly detailed online information about goals.

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