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Although it looks similar on the surface, Outlander There are many deep RPG elements under the hood. Between your profession, abilities, weapons, and armor, this third-person predator shooter needs to manage many things. If you take advantage of these systems, you can create a character that perfectly suits your favorite style and character. Weapons have a variety of rare items that cause varying degrees of damage, and have their own effective range and rate of fire, but to really get the most benefit from the arsenal, you need to use mods to enhance them.

You can equip the gun with the Ministry of Defense to increase the effect and enhance the effect. Just like other equipment and loot drops, they are divided into different levels, one of which is the most common, and three are the rarest and usually the most powerful. Some are good for all classes, while others are basically designed to work in synergy with a specific class’s role or skill set. With so many mods to find, you will want to know which ones are the most noteworthy.

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How to obtain and equip the Ministry of Defense

Before fully interacting with the mod system, whether it’s a weapon or anything else, you need to rescue a specific NPC with the crafting menu open. Just follow the main story mission until you reach the first city and get the mission to rescue Dr. Zahedi. When you complete the mission, he will return to your camp and unlock a new upgrade menu when you find to talk to him.

To actually get Weapon modification, you will have to sacrifice them by dismantling old equipment. At least any equipment at the “rare” level will be broken down into one or two mods, so if you are looking for some new mods, don’t just sell all your old equipment. By looking at the various aspects that come with a particular gun, you can figure out what mod (or mods) you will get by breaking down a gun. Therefore, if your gun is too high and its level is too low, remove it and carry it over to the current gun.

Dr. Zahedi will also categorize all the Mods you have obtained in the Mod Gear menu, which is divided into three levels. The first level is used for blue weapons, the second level is used for purple, and the third level is used for orange.

Finally, the process of equipping weapon modification parts is also completed by Dr. Zahedi, but there are indeed some related costs, which you should know in advance.Talk to him, select the weapon you want to add mod, then select Mod Gear From the menu. But this is where you need to make sacrifices. After selecting the mod to be added to the gun, you also need to select an existing attribute to replace it. Each gun can only exchange one attribute, so once the attribute to be exchanged is selected, that is the only attribute that can be changed, and the other one will be permanently locked.

The final cost is some resources-especially iron. You can obtain iron by finding and collecting iron in missions, or by another component obtained when disassembling equipment. This is a common resource, and the cost of exchanging mods is very low, so there is no need to worry about frequent changes due to cost.


Claymore is a secondary Mod, with enough versatility, can be applied to almost any category. The role of this mod is to summon an anomalous blade that will damage any enemy you shoot and cause a lot of extra damage. As a single target type mod with a slightly longer cooling time, this mod is most suitable for sniper weapons. It can also be used in conjunction with the function bullet gun if you are facing the enemy’s face and causing bursts of damage.

Storm whip

Another secondary mod, Storm Whip has similar functions to claymore. Successfully shooting from your gun instead of using abnormal blades will cause lightning to hit the target. These bolts are not as damaged as Claymore’s sword, but the cooling rate is much faster. Shooting this Mod on a fully automatic weapon is like calling your own personal storm to knock down the waves of the enemy.

Bone shrapnel

Bone shrapnel is one of the most powerful secondary mods that cause damage to AOE. It works on the principle that the last shot that kills the enemy will cause their bones to explode like a grenade. Of course, the explosion will cause damage, but it will also cause a bleeding state to any enemy hit by it. The mod itself has a lightning-like cooldown, which means you can basically turn every little monster into explosives to soften their friends. Although not great for leaders or enemies far apart, it can instantly melt groups of weaker enemies.

Perpetual motion machine


However, Mods are not limited to increasing damage or causing status effects. They can also be more utility programs, such as Perpetuum Mobile, which is the last second level in the list. If you use the mod wisely, you can basically eliminate the need for a complete reload. If your gun and ammunition drop to 30% or less, but are killed before running dry, the ammunition will immediately return to a full state. Shotguns, snipers and LMG can get the most benefit from this mod, but there is nothing bad about adding this mod. In addition, the nip roller mold can also play a similar role, but it will not be killed, and you can get a free reload with 50% or less ammunition every time you roll.


Another utility mod that focuses on survivability is the second layer Striga mod. This mod works wonders with builds focused on handling a large number of fatal blows, because it can refund 30% of any fatal damage you have suffered as a health. Of course, a high-destructive, high-explosive weapon like a sniper will benefit most people, but it can also be used with many other guns. Aggressive players can use it to continuously improve their health, while tanking and blasting. Just make sure that you can get all the benefits for those weaknesses.

Ultimate Damage Link

Now we enter the third floor, where things go crazy. Ultimate Damage Link is another crowd control type mod, but unlike the previously listed modes, it is not limited to AOE effects. It works on the principle that when you shoot up to three enemies, they will be linked. After linking, the damage done to one enemy will also cause 30% damage to the other enemies you linked, and if it is abnormal damage, it will cause 10% damage. In this way, you can not only manage the battlefield more effectively, but also choose your targets wisely. It also allows you to focus on bigger threats while taking away the fry.


For advanced real AOE modules, Ravenous locusts are one of the most suitable people to cause damage and status. We are biased towards imposing weaknesses and this is the best part of this mod. Your shot will produce a mass of acacias, which will not only continue to cause damage for 15 seconds, but will also cause weakness to all enemies within 6 meters. With just two seconds of cooling time, you will burst into groups of damage and elves throughout the arena.

Trial executor

This mod is a bit like the cousin of Ultimate Damage Link, focusing only on pure instant damage. No need to mark three enemies, this mod allows you to mark as many marks as possible before reloading.Once you do Reload, however, each marked enemy will take five times the weapon damage. This is useful in almost any situation. If there are a large number of enemies, please mark as many enemies as possible, and then reload to destroy a large number of enemies in a large burst. If there are several strong enemies, please break through, shoot and reload to quickly cause damage. For something like a sniper, this can be a devastating mod. Remember, you cannot mark one weapon and reload it with another weapon.


Outsider game

This is a great mod for those players who keep working hard. Equipped with this equipment, each kill will increase the damage of your gun by 30% for 30 seconds, and get a 150% damage bonus. The damage buff you get will disappear within these 30 seconds, but if you can keep the series of killings together quickly enough, you can maintain it as long as there are enemies that can shoot. Naturally, this mod is almost destroyed when used with classes that have rushed to extinguish the enemy one by one. Especially bullet guns, as long as they are strengthened a few times, they can melt the enemy, and basically crush anything left from there.

Ultimate ash, bleeding, burning, stiff, poisonous, freezing, fragile and weakened bullets

Finally, let’s take a look at the bullet mod with special status. These final level three mods follow exactly the instructions on the label: the final ash bullet causes all your bullets to cause ashes, the final bleeding causes bleeding, the final burning causes burns, and so on. These will perfectly complement the profession and abilities of your character, depending on the profession you choose and the priorities you determine. For example, if you are a blaze, then equipping the Ultimate Incendiary Bullet will not need to use the ability to cause all the bullets you shoot to cause incendiary damage, because this Ministry of Defense will automatically do it for you for free. Or, if you want to diversify, you can mix and match at any time to keep the foundation stable.Owning status is never a bad idea Outlander, And these mods can ensure that you will never be hit by any of them.

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