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“Diablo II: Resurrected Alpha” fell on Thursday. The technical Alpha of the single player game is quite limited, only three courses are provided and some tasks are completed, but even in a few hours of content, we have also learned a lot about how this Remaster works and how it compares with the original Diablo II Information about the distance between. experience.

These are my first impressions of “Diablo II”: resurrected in a technical test!

“Diablo II”: The resurrected Alpha maintains the true experience of the original “Diablo II”

Many “Diablo II” fans’ biggest wish for “Diablo II: Resurrection” is that the game remains faithful to the original experience. According to my initial impression, fans of Diablo can rest assured that unless you wish, the new content of the game will not change the original experience.

For fans of the original game, you can choose the traditional option to use the original graphics. When I played in the “legacy” mode, the experience was the same as when I played the original Diablo II. You can also use the options in the menu to set control bindings and settings to replicate the original version of the game. Therefore, if you only want the high-definition version of Diablo II, you can get the experience through this remake.

The developers did add some optional quality of life for those who wish to play the updated version of Diablo II. Now, for those who hate to click on our loot during good times, there is an automatic loot option in the menu. The 3d engine is also a good addition, for those who want to experience the game with more modern 3d sprites. I personally really like the 3d version.

In Tech Alpha, you have to choose between the old and resurrected versions of the game on the character selection screen. It seems that you can’t switch between graphics at will, just like the way the Halo Anniversary series allows you to use it, although the menu options may be lost even when I’m looking for the menu. I think if they add the ability to switch between the two graphics engines at will, then this game will be improved.

No matter which version you choose to use, the basic game is the same as Diablo II in terms of control, interaction and gameplay.

At the storytelling level, at least for the tasks available in Technology Alpha, the original voice line seems to be fully integrated into the game. Alas, I can’t talk to the movie yet. Blizzard only includes placeholder movies in the Alpha version. The developer promised to avoid dramatic changes on Blizzcon 2021, but based on this Alpha, I cannot provide any updates in this regard.

Diablo II: The Alpha Performance of Resurrection

At least after Blizzard solved the initial problem with the Battle.net server connection, the game’s technical Alpha version worked well. I am on a mid-level computer and run it at the highest graphics settings without any problems. This makes sense because it is an older game originally designed to run on older hardware.

Diablo II: Does the resurrection live up to the hype?

It’s hard to say whether this game will attract both old school and new fans at the same time. What I can say is that as a big fan of Diablo and Diablo style games, I am very excited after experiencing the early build of this game.

According to my first impression, when playing with the Legacy and Resurrected versions of Barbarian on Alpha, the battle and the world feel very similar to Diablo ll. I personally like the updated graphics engine, because the 2D graphics of Diablo 2 have never been liked as much as I personally.

If you like Diablo II and want a pure remake, you might like this game in the “old version” setting. If you are not satisfied with certain elements in “Diablo II” before 2021, you will find that the “resurrection” version adds modern life quality changes and modern graphics to “Diablo II” while being loyal to The most precious aspect of Diablo II.


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