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Chris Wilson is not surprising Road of exile During the pandemic, players flocked to online action role-playing games. Grinding Gear Games keeps a record of player time, The echo of Atlas expansion brings more Better than ever.

The general manager of Grinding Gear showed more information on Tuesday, while also showing off “Path of Exile 2” and the upcoming Ultimatum expansion on April 16. “Road of Exile” is a popular online game with 35 expansions or updates and millions of players worldwide.

“Road of Exile” player time increased by 17% in 2020, which is closely related to the echo of “Atlas”. Wilson said that compared to experiments such as gardening or monster collection like Pokémon, players prefer to expand their focus on the core path mechanism, that is, the traditional means of killing monsters and obtaining better loot.

“It may be so. Yes, we try to mix it occasionally. About a year ago, we formed the Delirium Alliance, which is one of these battle-centric alliances. I suspect that wide-scale expansion will bring diversity, And it will indeed attract different types of players.” Wilson said in an interview with Discord. [No relation to the writer — Ed.] “First, we must make sure [expansions] It has a truly powerful core combat power and bonus items so that all players can enjoy it. “

COVID conditions

Since New Zealand has blocked its borders and its citizens and government have complied with the COVID-19 agreement, the virus is almost non-existent. Therefore, Wilson said, Grinding Gear staff have been able to work on “Road to Exile” and its sequel.

“In the past 12 months, we have basically returned to the office 80%, so when the government advises people to work from home, we work from home. At other times, unless the situation worsens, we will go to the office, such as with Very fragile family members living with people and so on.” Wilson said. “But the number of cases in this country is zero, so it is very safe for them to enter the United States because there is no [lingering] As far as we know, no cases of the plague have been found. “

Grinding Gear has not yet encountered the same problems caused by delays in other studios working from home.

“It would be a nightmare for the entire team to work from home. Our game has evolved to involve development in the same room. There are developers crowded around each other’s computers, pointing at things and discussing… Way to get information. We’re not a company with too much documentation. We don’t sit there and make specifications for something; we just discuss it in person and they do it.”

Above: A sad time when someone is bleeding.

Image source: Grinding Gear Games

Grinding Gear found itself facing other problems related to COVID-recruitment. Although New Zealand has land comparable to California, it has a small population (5.1 million as of April, which is the 121 most populous country on the planet). Therefore, it does not have too many game developers. During the pandemic, New Zealand does not allow newcomers to enter the country, so you cannot hire workers. Wilson said they can bring in talent from Australia (the game development field is constantly evolving).

So, how many employees does Grinding Gear recruit?

Wilson said: “We have hired a New Zealander and returned to New Zealand due to the pandemic, which is very helpful.”

Over the years, many publishers and studios have created local ecosystems to train new game developers. Ubisoft is especially prestigiousCollaborate with regional universities and colleges when opening new studios. Grinding Gear has tried this method, but again, when you deal with a country with a population of more than 500 million, your pool of funds is very limited.

Sequel situation

The first half of Wilson’s speech (you can see the entire shindig above) shows “Path of Exile 2” (not yet released date). This video shows several different weapon styles that are split as the player’s waves of enemies mow the grass.

The first to use a spear, which is a new weapon on the road of exile. It is very flexible. In this way, I am not saying that it will fail. You can use it as a melee weapon or missile weapon. This flexibility is exactly what Grinding Gear seeks.

And I have to ask why “Grinding Gear” uses spears on other lever arms, because, well, you know, lever arms are the best.

“A variety of pointed ordnance may have been used. I know that some halberds and things do not use the exact same attack, but I hope that the spear in this type of weapon is more than a weapon,” Wilson said. “Part of the reason is that we want these skills to have a consistent set of skills, and this evolved into a method of piercing them into the enemy and being thrown away. The spear alternates between ranged, melee, or the two. Therefore, you can Weapons that work like this are surprisingly diverse, although it does mean that we missed guerrillas, halberds, and other types of ordnance, which we may introduce later.”

The looks look very different from the way the bow and arrow are played in Path of Exile. The stinger that the archer fired from the armor-piercing projectile became an elemental projectile that was thrown out of the broad cone-shaped bolt. The shot has a satisfying “hit” feeling every time it is shot. I asked the “Gear Grinding Machine” how to make “Clumsy” so good.

Wilson said: “Sometimes we do mixing work, and sometimes we do pre-made sound effects.” Not sure how the audio crew makes this sound. Community manager Bex has a more in-depth answer.

“The audio team designed the sounds for the crossbow ammunition skill and used different sound layers in various sound packages. Therefore, this is part of the sound’s artistry and part of the sound’s library effect,” Bex said.

Account management

One of the neat aspects of Path of Exile 2 is that it will exist in the same client as the original game. They will share the same endgame, and your purchases from Path of Exile will be carried over to the sequel because they are all tied to the same account.

“Road in Exile” feels like a mature game for a local co-op. You can play games with other people online, but not on the same machine. This is because you are playing the game in the client. Now, when using Diablo III on the console, you can play with guests in your account. Will the same thing happen on the road of exile, or is it a problem due to the nature of the account and the customer?

“That will have to change. This is a problem we are working on, but [local co-op] Until we get it to work, we don’t want to commit. “Wilson said. “But what is certain is that this will help this game. At the same time, I am also very happy to support the sofa cooperative on the PC, such as the combination of mouse, keyboard and controller. It’s just a necessary way to change the game and support it. “

Wilson said Grinding Gear is also trying to cross-compete between consoles and PCs.

Naming rights

Above: These rewards are ready for you.

Image source: Grinding Gear Games

“Road of Exile” debuted in 2013. When “Ultimatum atum” is released on April 16, it will have nearly 40 expansions and updates. There are many names for maps, monsters, characters, equipment, and powers. Is it becoming more and more difficult for abrasive tools to come up with new names?

“It’s actually difficult to name things, because with these new skills and things, when naming it, it’s like’I want to call it a “slash”, but not a slash, because there are 18 slashes. The so-called slash . They were like, “Well, what about the strike? “Well, no, technically speaking, this is not a strike. You cannot use “blood” because it means this thing. Therefore, it is not “blood strike” or “bloody slash” but “hemoglobin” …Technically speaking, “hemoglobin” is used here, so we can’t use it either. And it’s hard to be consistent,” Wilson said.

Therefore, compared with new roles, domains and knowledge, is it difficult to name new skills with new requirements based on the types of new actions?

“To be honest, it’s also surprisingly difficult. Yes, these features have more flexibility, because you can come up with some cool arbitrary sounds, and foreign names are used for more purposes.” Wilson said.

This has been a problem for some time.

Wilson said: “I think this is definitely a problem five years ago, but the situation will only get worse.” “There is a joke that in computer science, there are two problems: caching and naming. Once you start to The name feels complicated, and the same is true for game development.”

No wonder “Grinding Gear” simplified it with the name of the sequel: “Road of Exile 2”.

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