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Google recently added a useful feature to Google Lens, which is a multipurpose object recognition tool. In a blog post, it announced that it now allows users to copy and paste their handwritten notes from their mobile to their computer with Google Lens – but only works if your handwriting is neat and clear enough to scan.

Google Lens uses artificial intelligence technology in smartphone cameras and deep machine learning to detect objects in front of the camera lens and understand them. Offers actions such as scanning, translation and even shopping.

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Google Lens was one of Google’s biggest revelations in 2017, even though it was an exclusive feature for Google Pixels when it was launched. Now, the application is available for download on Google Play or App Store.

Verge has discussed using new features: users must have the latest version of Google Chrome, and the standalone Google Lens application at Android or iOS where Lens can be opened using the button next to the search bar. This will require logging in on both devices to the same Google account.

Copy and paste text

Use Lens to quickly copy and paste text from paper notes and documents to the phone to save time. Simply point the camera at any handwritten text, highlight it on the screen, then select “Copy to Computer.”

After this, open any document in Google Docs, click “Edit,” and paste the text. Check the text if it is translated correctly because it will depend on the clarity of the handwriting.

The feature is hit or miss. If the handwriting is not neat enough, there will be some typos. However, this is still an interesting feature that is very useful at a time when many people now work from home and rely on an endless list of tasks.

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Black Android smartphone displaying Google sites on a white surface

Listen and learn new words

Google also launched a pronunciation tool to help learn new words. Highlight a word on Lens, then click “Listen” to hear how the word is spoken. It is currently available on Android and soon on iOS devices.

Lenses can also be used to search for concepts, phrases and terms. This will be useful when doing school work and assignments.

Instant Translation

Google Lens can be used to translate words in Spanish, Chinese and more than 100 languages ​​by pointing the camera at the text. Likewise, use Lens to practice difficult words or phrases. Capture text on the Lens and tap the new Listen button to hear it read aloud.

These features are launched today, except for Listen. Currently available on Android while it will be coming soon to iOS.

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