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Facebook finally start rolling dark fashion for everyone throughout the world, along with new designs. Note that this is Facebook on the web we are talking about, not an application for Android.

This new design and the dark mode it has start coming for users returning in March, but not all of them. Facebook is still testing the design until now.

Facebook’s dark mode comes with a new design

The new design launched by Facebook is certainly cleaner than the old one, and dark mode is more than welcome. Many users have requested it, and finally it’s here.

The new design separates your Facebook content into three parts. That happened before, but it looks much better now, plus many different section options have been moved to offer a cleaner experience.

Your main feed is still in the middle, while various options are on the left, along with search options. On the right, you can see sponsored things, upcoming birthdays, your contacts, and so on.

Facebook says that now it’s easier to find videos, games and groups, which is true. Everything is very easy to find, finally. The company claims that this design is very similar to its mobile experience … and indeed, to some degree.

This new design will appear for you from nowhere, though we don’t know whether dark mode will be activated by default. We received the design a while ago, and we had to turn off the switch in dark mode.

That might be the case for everyone who received this feature recently, or will receive it in the coming days. The choice is very easy to find, fortunately. All you have to do is press the down arrow in the upper right corner, and you will see a dark mode option.

Dark mode for the Facebook Android application is expected to arrive soon too

Many of you might be wondering when Facebook will launch dark mode for Android. Well, that’s something we also ask about. The company has promised to come a long time ago, but it still hasn’t.

Almost every major application for Android already offers dark mode in one way or another, but Facebook is an exception. Facebook Messenger received it a long time ago, and Instagram followed a few months ago.

Back in April, Facebook’s dark fashion design for Android leak out. This gives us an idea of ​​how it looks on iOS, and users on Android might get the same design.

Looks like Facebook won’t use pitch black for Android, as it does for Messenger. Facebook will use shades of dark gray instead. This feature may come soon, and while you wait, you can enjoy dark mode on the Facebook web.

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