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Despite the fact that in Spain it is intended to continue classes for part of students on May 25, amid Phase 2 of the escalation by Coronavirus, the reality is that returning to schools, institutions or universities is still a political, administrative and educational mess. Thinking the youngest, Google wants to launch an application to help children learn to read.

Read Throughout

Called Read Along, this Android application helps children 5 years and older learn to read by encouraging them through verbal and visual feedback. To do this, he uses Google’s language recognition technology to help develop literacy, with the help of virtual reading partners in an application called Diya.

When children read aloud, Diya uses voice recognition and text-to-speech transformation technology to detect if a student has difficulty reading part of the content or if you do it right. Then his assistant offer positive reinforcement“In the same way a parent or teacher does.”

In addition, Diya also can demonstrate the pronunciation of words and even sentencess. Parents can create separate profiles for many students, so that each reader can choose their profile picture to study at their own pace and track their individual progress. Read Along personalize the experience by recommending appropriate levels of difficulty for stories and games based on the child’s reading level.

Application for children, especially security

Read Along with intended your baby’s privacy and security in mind and has no ads or in-app purchases. After the initial download of the application and the story, the application works without an internet connection, to avoid worrying about unsupervised web access. Adults can connect to the device regularly to download new news.

It’s easy to get started and you don’t want registration or personal information like the child’s name or age. Also, speech recognition is done in real time on the device – that’s why it works offline – and “it’s not sent to any Google server”.

Released for the first time in India, This application is now available globally (with the exception of Colombia, Denmark and the Philippines) in 9 languages, including Spanish, English and Portuguese, among others. It must be remembered that Read Along is still in beta, if you find bugs and errors here and there.

Download the Read Through application

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