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Maybe nothing Keynote I / O for streaming, but some of the hot new Google hardware might still be on its way. All rumors and signs indicate that Google will celebrate its first anniversary agency on a budget Pixel 3a basis with affordable Pixel 4a follow-up. This is what we already know about it.


While Pixel 3a is basically plastic Pixel 3, Pixel 4a will reportedly deviate from the heavy design of the Google Pixel 4. bezel. leak out ImagesPixel 4a is probably the first Google phone to adopt a paper hole camera, which will be aligned in the upper left corner of the screen. Design 4a seems to be confirmed by Google Executive, Rick Osterloh, who tweeted about his Fitbit Earth badge with an Android screenshot using the indent status bar. However, he could have used it a OnePlus 8.

Oneplus 8 is full Michael Simon / IDG

Pixel 4a will reportedly have a left hole punch camera like OnePlus 8.

With the camera cut to the screen, the bezel at 4a is also likely to be smaller than Pixel 4. The rendering is leaking obtained by 91 cars, the top and sides have a uniform bezel similar to the iPhone 11. The bottom is a bit thicker, though not nearly as big as the Pixel 3 XL. On the back, Pixel 4a will reportedly stick with the rear fingerprint sensor – so don’t count on it Motion Sense make an appearance – while adopting a square camera arrangement introduced with 4. The color options are reportedly black and light blue, each with a green and pink power button.


The biggest change to Pixel 4a is probably its size. Instead of the regular and plus size versions like every other Pixel phone, Google is rumored to be releasing 4a in only one size, reportedly around 5.8 inches. That would make it right between the 5.6-inch Pixel 3a and 6-inch 3a XL, signaling Google aims to “sweet spot” with a single model rather than making buyers choose.

Based on specification 3a, we can also assume that the screen will be OLED with Full HD 1080p resolution like 3a. It is very doubtful that it will get a Smooth 90Hz Pixel 4 display.

Processor and specifications

Last year’s Pixel 3a was very capable with its Snapdragon 670 processor. 4a is likely to bring similar mid-range performance. According to 9to5GooglePixel 4a will be powered by a Snapdragon 730 processor. It should produce a good speed increase at 3a, with higher CPU and GPU speeds, and greater power efficiency thanks to a smaller die process (8nm vs. 10nm).

pixel 4a rendering 91mobiles

Pixel 4a will reportedly have a punch-hole display and rear fingerprint sensor, according to the @onleaks rendering published by 91mobiles.

Elsewhere, Pixel 4a is expected to get 6GB of RAM (up from 4GB in 3a), while maintaining the same 64GB of storage – with a new 128GB option that will likely cost an additional $ 100. The expected 3.080mAh battery will be very similar to a 3,000mAh battery at 3a. Rumors also state that 4a will once again miss wireless charging. It will also reportedly maintain the headphone jack.


This camera is what makes Pixel phones special, and we hope nothing is different from 4a. However, the hardware might be similar to the previous phone. Google has used a 12.2MP lens on all of its phones, so you can expect it to appear on 4a too. In addition, the leak above shows that 4a will be a single camera phone, making the dual camera arrangement an exclusive feature on 4. It also reportedly won’t have Google’s own Visual Core or newer Neural Core.

the features

Like Pixel 3a last year, 4a will definitely have Night Sight and Portrait Mode. But without a special core processor, it might not have a stunning astrophotographic mode. We also don’t know whether newer camera features such as Dual Exposure controls and Live HDR + will go to 4a, but it seems unlikely. Google hasn’t sent it to an old cellphone, because of the feature’s dependence on “low-level capabilities in hardware.”

pixel 3a assistant Michael Simon / IDG

The features that make Pixel 3a so great are most likely going to 4a, along with some new ones.

Pixel 4a is likely to get a new Google Assistant, which presents application-level interactions and faster response times. It is also possible to get an amazing new Recorder application that automatically copies speech to searchable audio files. Of course, it will receive Android security updates that are guaranteed for three years and OS updates for two years, as well as “feature reductions” throughout the year.

Price and release

The leaked billboard rendering revealed that Pixel 4a will start at $ 399 which is the same as 3a. It is likely that Pixel 4a will be launched this week if Google I / O is according to plan, so 4a can arrive at any time with a little fanfare Apple iPhone SE. However, Google has scheduled it Android Beta Show on June 4 for the launch of Android 11. It could arrive later, even though in the announcement video, Google didn’t tease out the hardware announcement.

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