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Google add a ranking filter to Google Play search results to make it easier to search applications and get actual high-quality listings.

With this feature active, you can search for podcast applications and then filter results based on star ratings. Allows you to only see results that have a star rating of 4.0 or 4.5 and higher.

There will also be an option to filter the results with the Editor’s Choice tag. So if you is it right want good results, you will get the application in the search findings chosen by the curator of Google Play. This application is generally an excellent offer. Or they won’t have this label from the start.

Google Play ranking filters are currently being tested

Technically Google has added a rating filter to the Google Play application. Based on 9To5Google New filter options have been tested with several users.

This will be a slower launch which means that not everyone will see this new option soon. The update that needs to be implemented is a server side update so Google has to flip the switch.

Thus, users who are interested in applying this filter when they are looking for an application or game only need to watch for them to appear. For example, if you open the Play Store regularly, maybe try and apply a filter whenever you search.

There is also a “new” filter

There is one more filter added and that is the “new” tag. So again if you are looking for something like a podcast application, you can filter it with new ones so you only see the results new podcast application.

You can even apply all filters together so you can really narrow the results. And that can be a combination of filters if you want some kind of mixture.

With this additional filter put in place, it will be far easier for users to find and try apps, games and other quality content. Even more so if you want to find a new application. Because you can apply new filters and 4.5 star rating filters. Then you will get results only new applications that have a high enough ranking.

In the end it will help reduce how many results appear to users when they search. Which means less time spent sorting content and more time trying content.

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