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The appearance of the foldable iPhone concept was revealed by iOS Beta News in a video called “iPhone Flip” here in May 2020, and it looks fantastic. It’s a novel, it would be surprising and fun if Apple really revealed such a thing as a real product. But a foldable display on the iPhone – with another display on the back – is not impossible as an Apple product, it’s not possible. Apple will never make a device with many potential avenues for failure.

5. Folded display

Apple is in the business of excitement without exception. Remember what happened when Apple released the first Apple Pencil, a device that was charged by connecting it to the iPad’s Lightning port? It was extraordinary for Apple to release a product with the potential for accidental hardware damage so that the second Apple Pencil was filled in a completely different way.

The same thing applies to Magic Mouse 2, a product with charging ports on flat bits that is always the opposite … flat. The foldable display must be extraordinarily miraculous or vital for existing products so that Apple can take such risks with expensive hardware.

4. There is a paper hole camera

It is clear that the creator of this device concept decided to make a hybrid between the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Flip. I understand that trying to match some of the most interesting parts of Samsung devices, just to show how it looks with iOS from Apple.

But just like a foldable display, Apple will not move toward the necessary changes in how their software is handled just so they can incorporate a fun new way to position the camera on the phone. Or they have done it with the iPhone X. Instead, they choose to bring notches, camera cases and sensors that allow Face ID.

3. Not enough characters

The Apple industrial design team is very careful about combining next-generation hardware features with Apple’s recognizable visual language. The Flip iPhone concept is more like a knockoff, using components that of course have the Apple logo, but don’t work with the right spaces and negative space that Apple includes in all their products.

If you delete a notch, and you don’t include a circular home button, it’s not an iPhone. Apple will never ship a device that has a display that almost covers the entire front of the iPhone. IPhone users cannot forget that they are using an iPhone.

2. Secondary display on the wrong side

This iPhone has a screen at the bottom. If you want to see the display when the device is folded, you must place the camera face down. With a thick set of cameras like the ones sent here, on a rectangle the size of this device, one very important thing will happen. That will make a sound.

Bump, tic, bump, tic, it will go away. It will wobble, between one corner and the opposite corner, always balancing at three hardware points. Every other iPhone with a camera that is part of an array that rises above the back is also long enough so that it always only rests on three points. Therefore, there is no bump, tic, bump, tic.

1. Too many jumps

I want to try an iPhone like this iPhone Flip. I want to get to know the software, try all the new features, and make the machine and all its habits a part of my daily life, good or bad. But I’m not an average consumer, I’m also not a hard user of Apple products.

Until there is enough reason to have a foldable display on an iPhone, or any Apple product, it’s too risky. The potential costs of creating a product, then handling the product, then dealing with the fallout for products that interfere with the predictable, stable rolling company of product makers – all of which are too much.

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