Smart toilets will recognize users with their ‘anal print’ | Instant News

“Smart toilets” that recognize users by the shape of their bottoms have been developed in the US.

Researchers at Stanford University have added cameras and motion sensors to the toilet to analyze urine and feces as they pass.

The hope is that the camera will identify various markers of disease in the stool problem.

This process involves a normal toilet equipped with a gadget to do the test and has a companion application to analyze data and display the results.

The researchers who developed it hoped it would be part of the average home bathroom.

Sanjiv Gambhir, who is the Professor behind the idea, said that the technology was based on our unique “print”.

“We know this sounds strange, but apparently, your anal results are unique. Our concept has been around for 15 years, “he said.

“When I talk about it, people will laugh because it seems like an interesting idea, but it’s also a bit strange.

“What’s important about smart toilets is that, unlike wearables, you can’t take them off.

“Everyone uses the bathroom – absolutely can’t avoid it – and that increases its value as a disease detection tool.”


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