Coronavirus particles from other runners ‘can infect you despite the distance of six feet’ | Instant News

Current social distance guidelines may not be enough to protect from running coronavirus, according to a new study.

Ansys technology company has created a simulation that shows you can come into contact with moisture droplets even when staying six feet behind other people while exercising.

Running two steps can be less risky than in a single file, because you are far less likely to be exposed to potentially infected fluids, experts say.

Health bosses have highlighted increasing social distance as the key to eradicating the spread of bugs for months.

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New simulations suggest current social distance guidelines may not be enough

This research came as figures show that one Briton is dying of the corona virus every two minutes.

Deaths jumped to 7,172 after 936 people died within 24 hours – made yesterday the deadliest day in the country.

Marc Horner, principal engineer for health care at Ansys, said Daily Mail when someone sneezes or coughs “it happens so fast and the droplets are so small” it is almost impossible to get out of the way in time.

The British were allowed to leave the house to exercise while remaining two meters apart
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He said the simulation got “a mental picture in your mind about how far you need to stand so that gravity has time to pull the drop down”.

If an infected person coughs or sneezes, water vapor is said to be impossible to walk more than six feet or two meters – then that is the official guide.

Ansys’ video illustrates two scenarios: one shows two people walking side by side, while the other they are one behind the other.

In the first case, when one person coughs or sneezes, most of the droplets are behind the runner, not sideways.

Mr Horner said if you ran behind someone the droplets would be “suspended in the air” and if you were two meters behind you would “run into them”

The simulation revealed the dangers of jogging during a coronavirus pandemic
(Picture: Ansys)

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Coronavirus outbreak

In addition to running side by side with each other, which might prove unsafe on the road, runners can run in staggered formations.

The simulation comes after reports that the current recommended social distance is not enough.

Based on, infected water droplets will walk more than six feet when driven by extreme force or when carried by the wind.


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