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meIt’s hard not to fall in love with the way Resident Evil 3 Remake seen. As soon as you start trudging around the streets of Raccoon City, you will soon be immersed in this situation thanks to the minimalist HUD and detailed photorealistic texture.

Specifically, I adore detailed posters of films honoring the past and reference statues of the past Capcom the franchise is littering the subway station and the toy store window. Even typography mascots and donut shops feel aroused by the cultural environment where the original game was launched in 1997, which is evidence of the direction of the art of exquisite play. Hats off to the developers for making me take the time to study and study equipment among the chaos of the zombie apocalypse!

Credit: Capcom

However, speaking of the 90s sensibility … I soon met Carlos Oliveira, Jill’s best friend, who quickly revealed himself to be a bona fide horror cannon. This is a man who is ready to give salvos from people who complain about complaints at that very moment. The improper pick-up and comment lines caused me to roll my eyes dramatically so that I could easily be mistaken for one of the brain dead zombies in the game. It’s annoying, but fortunately, our hero Jill Valentine takes all the annoying jibes in his steps and shines as a funny and strong protagonist.

He handled the hordes of the undead with enthusiasm and kicked a lot of mutated ass Resident Evil 3 RemakeSix hour runtime. It’s hard not to get involved in his personal journey and enthusiastically root out when you pump a scary Nemesis filled with Round Acid. However, despite the encouragement and pull of the narrative of the protagonist vs. bioweapon, the story is really not much.

The rest character outside Jill wasn’t that impressive, fitting in with the poor stereotypes that you must have seen before, and the set piece began to blend into one. A remake with more technology in the game should at least develop this side’s character rather than letting them feel the same is forgotten. Expect diatribe about how a real monster is a human, for example – it’s not quite balanced between a B-film schlock and a serious situation like that. Resident Evil 2 Remake To do.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Review
Credit: Capcom

meThere is another strange downgrade from last year Resident Evil 2 Remake, gore in this game is far less impressive. The zombies feel like bullet sponges – the limbs don’t split up so shot like they used to. Ironically, the undead feels less alive. This means that in the end, you don’t treat them like real threats and the experience starts to feel like an arcade shooter rather than a nuanced survival horror game.

Many might rebuke this by noting that the original 1997 text was more action-oriented, but it is still a Devil’s residence the game, and even as a scared-and-proud cat, this remake failed to move me in the way I imagined the developers intended. There is nothing in the soundtrack that jumps out at me, but the impressive and often frightening sound design is appreciated, even if it feels paralyzed by meetings and pacing less excitedly.

Fortunately, there is still a heap of fun for weapons, and the laser aiming system is pointing at its own fun. However I feel that I have a lot of ammunition throughout, so I rarely get behind in fighting, which is the most fun at Devil’s residence.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Review
Credit: Capcom

That was until I first met Nemesis. Not like that Resident Evil 2 RemakeMr. X, he feels thrown into a reckless situation, not even for the scare factor. Nemesis seems to be there to annoy players and force you temporarily. Instead of a game of thrilling cat and mouse teeth that you might expect, you will instead run fast through conventional corridors and hammering buttons asking to pass through.

The game asks for more players in the battle of the boss. The problem here is that many of these meetings are repetitive and don’t require a lot of intuition – you mostly play Ring a Ring o ‘Rosie with a big man, randomly circling the arena to open fire and then repeat. There is no real spectacle to look away from the conventional sad meeting design. These moments become about perseverance rather than skill, and the monotony of completing the same task over and over is enough to bore me.

Nemesis is paced and strange meets at Resident Evil 3 Remake ruined any possible curated atmosphere. Best of all, I was shocked and amazed by some of the new creatures in the gutter, where I would praise the developers for their extraordinary approach to enemy designs. Even so I had to step down, like later everywhere.

The Hunter Gammas who live in the dirty ground are pale blood fish monsters that are very troubling, but the Betas Hunter is just an armored lizard that feels completely out of place, like you are suddenly preparing to fight Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They are not scary or pushy in battle – they are just fast and annoying. Something themed here …

Resident Evil 3 Remake Review
Credit: Capcom

S.Some of the most interesting parts of the game occur when you return to settings Resident Evil 2 and faced a tense journey through the Raccoon City Police Department, meeting Lickers and dealing with the dead.

The benefits of this game as a prequel means you can see how the character is in Resident Evil 3 Remake affect the environment and story Resident Evil 2 Remakeif you can remember the locker code from the previous game, you can even use it here, which is a nice touch.

Unfortunately, I think that this only works to make other games look better. There are a number of places where it provides new and surprising gameplay, like throwing more zombies at you than usual, but that’s it. This is the only new approach Resident Evil 3 Remake asking you to adapt in interesting ways to a more action-oriented style. But they are too fast to really care, and end up being lazy, turning the game into a wave shooter for one chapter, hacking into the exciting survival horror that is the essence of Devil’s residencebrand.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Review
Credit: Capcom

There are new additions like Mine Round, which boasts interesting tactical elements for grenade launchers, and stores in the game that open after you defeat the game, allowing you to buy new weapons and clothing. However, because you might begin to understand, praise Resident Evil 3 It feels like pulling a positive needle from a haystack full of parasites.

When I finish the game, it feels like a single shot – there is no unexplored map area that I want to return from another perspective, even if I’m given a choice. This can make players feel short-changed, especially compared to Resident Evil 2 Remake, which has four scenarios and a series of secret game modes. Instead, Capcom has stuck Resident Evil Resistance for Resident Evil 3, an asymmetrical horror experience that might be a blessing to save the whole package.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Review
Credit: Capcom

Familiar with you who likes to play the game Dead at noon, Resistance works perfectly in knowledge Devil’s residence and offer as much terror as needed. This is a claustrophobic multiplayer experience that forces you to communicate for survival, an experience that indulges your darkest impulses when you play an evil mastermind, a group of survivors who tactically uncover with your zombies’ traps and placement. It’s like Died 4 Dead only you play as AI Director, watching the map and creating your own tension.

The only problem is that now it is too long to find the game. Hopefully it will be taken by a strong community, because this is a very special round of multi-players who are fortunately outside of one of the three genres currently popular. Small maps and forced adrenaline, and the arcade ornaments and B-movie charms of the wider game fit into this context in a way that feels far more natural than in a campaign.

Resident Evil 3 Remake out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One now.

Our Decision

Resident Evil 3 Remake is a disappointing safe re-concept of a loved classic, which feels rushed – as if it can be done with more variety and attention. While the visual style of the world is just as effective and the gameplay is functional, the narration and character feel hollow and the gameplay eventually becomes monotonous. Fortunately, the asymmetrical multi-player horror package attached to it acts as a surprising saving gift.


  • The deep world is full of complicated details
  • Jill Valentine is an extraordinary protagonist
  • Resistance is an exciting multiplayer experiment, but it requires a player base!


  • Feels more like an arcade shooter than a survival horror game
  • The campaign is short and lacks replayability
  • Nemesis is more frustrating than imposing or frightening
  • Forgotten side characters and lack of innovation

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