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Lifeline state in The highlight of the legend once again become a topic that is often discussed with start Season 5, and developer at Respawn Entertainment aware of the conversation between the players. Those who prefer to play Legend have regretted the fact that their gameplay identity has been overshadowed lately because other Legends have been scrubbed or reworked, and those who prefer to stick with characters have called fans. Peak lead game designer Carlos Pineda responded to some of these suggestions by saying that the character does not really need fans and would instead benefit from a “sidegrade” to separate it from other characters.

As one of the original legends in the game when it was released and the only character classified as a healer – Combat Medic in his case. He can use healing items faster, revive his teammates with a shield to protect them, heal their teammates, and can find additional resources in the inventory.

But when you look at other Legends and how they have been released or modified recently, you begin to see how Lifeline can be disliked compared to the early days of the game. The Gibraltar dome shield makes teammates use items faster when in it and accelerates their recovery to their friends, and the reworking of Mirage that makes him and his teammates invisible when he revives makes the couple more worthy than Lifeline when it comes to help teammates. That New legend, Loba, can ping loot through walls and give players access to all loot around them with its ultimate where Lifeline has to find the blue Supply Bin just to get a few extra loots.

So what should be done with it? Pineda said the character doesn’t need fans based on his statistics that show him “level up in various categories. “Instead, he proposed a” sidegrade “that would make it more unique without injecting power directly into Legend’s numbers and abilities.

The result of the sidegrade will be a more unique legend that is still different from what we already have. It looks like it’s closer to Mirage reworking than just fans for other Legends, but it might take a while before the player sees the results. Pineda called the problem a difficult one and said the team was addressing it while asking the players to be patient.

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