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Among the most ambitious features of Google Pixel 4 released last year was the addition of Motion Sense, which added Soli’s motion-sensing radar. However, it seems that this feature will not be taken by Google Pixel 5, the upcoming flagship phone from the internet giant.

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Google Pixel 5 processor may also have been revealed.

Google Pixel 5 Will Not Cover Motion Sense Technology

Based on TechRadar, via mobile motion sensor radar, Pixel 4 users have new ways to interact with their devices, such as making movements in the air to navigate through various applications and mobile interfaces.

This idea helps eliminate touching the device.

But even though Pixel 4 is the first device from Google to display the Soli radar, it looks like it will also be the last because the next device, Pixel 5, won’t pick it up.

This news appeared after 9to5Google podcast, where the host mentions a tip that says Soli chips will not be included in the phone.

Unfortunately, the host did not provide any other details. However, if not included, Google Pixel 5 may have to find a new implementation of face locking because the 3D face will disappear because it relies on motion sensor technology.

However, it’s not surprising that companies prefer to abandon this feature, mainly because they face several problems with the Soli chip.

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Shocking or Not?

For one, many Pixel 4 users claim that it doesn’t function as advertised and only really works with a few applications.

There are even problems with frequencies such as in some countries, the frequency that technology will use illegitimately, which caused telephone failures to be launched in India, along with other markets, last year, according to news outlet.

By removing this technology on Google Pixel 5, companies will be able to launch it into more markets today, and they can also reduce the price.

In addition to the missing Soli chip, those who are waiting for the arrival of Google Pixel 5 may have heard rumors about the processor.

Pixel 5 Processor Leaks

Based on Tom’s guide, the device will display a middle-class, ready-5G chipset. This is named after the Qualcomm Snapdragon 768G, which is an upgrade and newer than the Snapdragon 765G which was originally believed to be the Pixel 5 processor.

But because motherboards and device software can support both processors, Google can easily upgrade to the latest chipsets in time for their launch, or if they continue with the Snapdragon 765G CPU, they have the potential to easily update devices later.

The latest Snapdragon 768G CPU supports 120Hz display by default, a clear improvement from Pixel 4’s 90Hz.

However, some fans might be disappointed because the upcoming cellphone might use a chip that is less powerful than its predecessor which used the Snapdragon 8 series chip, but this can help make the device more affordable compared to the previous device.

Until now, these details are still being rumored, and Google hasn’t officially announced many details for Pixel 5, so bring this with a grain of salt.

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