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Sega Europe announced that they had promoted two main executives at Creative Assembly, the English studio behind Total war a series of real-time strategy games.

The Heaton team will take on a new role as Sega Europe’s chief studio officer. He was previously in the bridge role between Sega Europe and the Creative Assembly as executive studio vice presidents and respective studio directors. He is also a former studio director in the Creative Assembly.

Gareth Edmondson, formerly the chief operating officer of Creative Assembly, will now fully enter the role of studio director, overseeing the continued growth of the oldest and largest development studio in the UK.

As chief studio officer at Sega Europe, Heaton will oversee the stable developments: Creative Assembly, Interactive Sports, Relic Entertainment, Amplitude Studios, Hardlight, and Two Point Studios that have just been acquired. He will advance ongoing collaboration with a focus on shared skills and learning to further improve service and quality, while continuing to provide broader business advice on all development issues.

Above: Total War Saga: Troy is one of the Total War Creative Assembly games.

Image Credit: Sega

Heaton said in a statement that Sega Europe and its studio had 4,500 years of collective developer experience among its staff, and utilizing their knowledge was a big part of growing the entire business. On Sega Dev Day at the end of 2019, the studio gathered for that purpose. Heaton said the aim was to continue to develop this kind of philosophy throughout the organization for the benefit of the game, the skills and experience of people, and operations.

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At Creative Assembly, Edmondson’s new role as studio director will see him take full ownership of studio operations in three locations: in Horsham, England and Sofia, Bulgaria.

Edmondson said in a statement that it was a pivotal moment in the development of 33rd year Creative Assembly games, because the company had the intellectual property of first-person shooters on the horizon, and the Total War franchise grew on various platforms and in markets such as China. He said the studio was fully focused on the next phase and he was happy to be in a position to maintain an upward trajectory by building the studio’s heritage and supporting a talented team.

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