Risk of Rain 2 pushed back into August | Instant News

Rain Risk 2, based on development roadmap released in April 2019, is expected to move from Early Access to full release in the spring of this year. According to a quick Google search, the spring of 2020 will end in less than a month – and today, the Hopoo Games developer announced that the planned launch won’t happen on time.

“As we all know, the next update is 1.0, the last update until we leave Early Access. Earlier this month, I ran a quick tweet to get feedback about what RoR2 1.0 looks like to you,” studio write. “From that tweet, we not only learned that there are some areas of improvement we can work on, but also that you are passionate about what could be RoR2 1.0 – with lots of fantastic suggestions and ideas about things that aren’t on the original road map. “

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