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Bungie released another TWAB blog post, offering a glimpse of what would happen next regarding the balance of weapons. Reloading the benefits will mostly get nerfed while the stability will get some fans.

Destiny 2 has two types of facilities that players usually like – damage that increases and reloads. The damage benefits have been balanced before and now it’s back.

The Outlaw boost to the Reload stat will go up from 100 to 50 while the reload duration scale will be moved from 0.8 to 0.9. In terms of scaling, the lower the number, the better the bonus so remember that it’s also nerf.

Feeding Frenzy currently acts like Outlaw 2.0 so that it is increasingly changing. The bonus will be based on the number of quick kills, up to five. In two murders, the bonus will be the same as the one in Outlaw, while more will make it more effective. In five murders, the reload speed bonus is second only to Alloy Mag.

Rapid Hit will now give fewer bonuses on one precision hit and more with the next. The maximum possible reload stat drops from 100 to 60 and the duration of the reload scale increases from 0.8 to 0.925. The stability of this joy is also halved.

Scaling Drop Mag rose from 0.85 to 0.9.

The Field Prep and Alloy Mag bonuses will remain unchanged.

Meanwhile, special stability, handling and accuracy facilities will get fans. Dynamic Sway Reduction will get a Stability bonus besides accuracy.

The amount of Pulse Monitor refills until the magazine is full. Handling will also be strengthened by 50 when procs while swap speed will be five percent faster.

Hipefire Grip will help players land hip shots closer to the current ADS range, which should make it attractive to would-be fighters.

There is more change,
including the buff range for aggressive Cannons in official blog posts, so make sure you see it at a glance.

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