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Vivo X50 Pro (code name PD2005) is approaching its launch date and the intensity of leakage and increase has slipped in the last few days. Yesterday teaser video about new dreadlocks technology in camera phones has been ridiculed and today there is even more about camera phone innovation. Dubbed as a micro cloud, the gimbal moves the camera sensor back and forth up to three degrees to compensate for the movement of the cellphone.

This movement is driven by a small double ball suspension, which provides a counter motion to the sensor. All of this technology is installed in an exceptional 4.5mm thickness housing. For normal users, this means unreliable image stabilization with multi-dimensional freedom of movement for sensors.

Optical image stabilization will improve video recording in low light because the two axis micro dreadlocks and 3 axis electronic stabilization will reduce the movement drastically. In turn, this will give the camera sensor the ability to focus smoothly on what is being taken. For a better idea, you can achieve 1/8 second with OIS when taking shutter speeds of 1/50 second. Basically an increase in catch speed of 6.25 times.

This phone will experience a price increase as well because the camera module will cost two to three times more than the high quality at the moment. But the unmatched photo quality that can be achieved by sensors is unquestionable. This will increase the camera phone market because Vivo has truly innovative technology in its arms and other brands have to catch up.

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