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Opportunities in the universe for the development team behind Star Citizens to boast of their craft which can now be flown and under development to a wide audience, Invictus Launch Week has started at Area18 Convention Center starting today. Every two days from now until June 1, 2020, different manufacturing groups will take over the venue, displaying their available ships (which will be available for rent for free) and provide a holographic preview of their incomplete work. Everything starts today with Origin Jumpworks, Roberts Space Industries and Tumbril taking over the show floor. If you travel around Area18 and surrounding stations, you will find many other programs to enjoy – from fireworks shows to hidden events that run parallel to the celebration of the United Earth Empire (UEE).

This event coincides with the release Star Citizen Alpha Patch 3.9.1, which brings a number of stability improvements and DRAKE Interplanetary Cutlass Blue is made flown. This is the third and final ship in the Carrack series, and while The Red focuses on providing emergency medical services, Blue is a police / bounty ship full of pods to save every wanted criminal you catch.

Have you ever watched a flagship ship, but couldn’t pick it up yourself because of the unavailability? During this event, a number of ships that are difficult to find will be resold for a limited time, some of which can already be flown and others are still in various stages of development. With Origin Jumpworks and RSI holding the show floor, you can visit officials Invictus 2950 website to promise Polaris RSI, the cool-looking Apollo Triage medical ship and more.

Want to test some ships that are already available? Be sure to head to the Convention Center every two days to get access to the following ships:

May 22-23: Origin / RSI / Tumbril

325a: The origin of the sleek flagship fighter Origin, 325a became a great friend to find your mark with style and sophistication.

Aurora LN: Designed for dangerous combat situations, Aurora LN comes with a bigger shield and a bigger weapon that packs a punch.

Constellation Andromeda: Multi-crew freighter with a modular design, Andromeda RSI is one of the most iconic ships in the verse.

Aquila constellation: Explore distant stars and horizons thanks to the improved sensor suite and redesigned cockpit that offers maximum visibility.

Phoenix constellations: As a chariot of the gods, this converted luxury cargo ship is ideal for VIP transportation.

Grasshopper: Stop dead ships in their tracks with RSI’s main quantum enforcer.

Invictus Launch Week Begins with Citizen 2 Star

May 24-25: Anvil Aerospace

Arrow: Featuring an ultra-aerodynamic frame and lightweight profile, this is the most agile ship in its class.

C8X Pisces: This mini browser is ideal for reconnaissance and reconnaissance.

Carrack: An independent explorer built to withstand extreme conditions both in space and in the atmosphere.

Slave: A bomber dive two tough people.

Eagle: The ideal ship for independent gift hunters and local security.

Hornet F7C: Tough and reliable, F7C is a multipurpose textbook for media combat.

Storm: A heavy warrior with almost excessive loading. Including towers that punch through shields and defenses.

Terrapin: Heavy armored ship with a sophisticated scanner. Ideal for reconnaissance and exploration.

Valkyrie: Multi-purpose gunship / dropship with complete weaponry.

May 26-27: Aegis Dynamics

Prosecutor’s Stalker: Modified version of Avenger that caters to prize hunters. Equipped with a prison cell.

Avenger Titan Renegade: Avenger Titan special edition with special livery and loading adjusted for Arena Commander.

Warlock Avenger: The Avenger variant is armed with an EMP generator to deactivate enemy vehicles.

Eclipse: Slim stealth bomber armed with heavy torpedoes.

Valiant Gladius: Special edition Gladius with special livery and loading adjusted to Arena Commander.

Hammer A multi-crew corvette full of manned towers to fight fast fighters.

Bomber Retaliator: Long-range anti-modal bombers. Covered in a manned tower and capable of launching size 9 torpedoes.

Sword: Supporting agility rather than durability, this ship is lightweight, sleek, and deadly.

Comet Saber: Special edition Saber with custom livery and loading tailored to Arena Commander.

Vanguard Harbinger: A tough bomber who can operate outside the most difficult forward operating bases.

Vanguard Hoplite: Dropship long-distance squad with manned towers.

Vanguard Sentinel: Designed to fight smartly instead of carrying enemies directly.

Vanguard Warden: A long distance heavy warrior with manned towers.

Invictus Launch Week Begins with Citizen 3 Stars

May 28-29, 2020: ARGO / MISC / CNOU

ARGO MPUV 1P: Runabout is a small and unarmed utility for transporting personnel.

Freelancer SIM: MIS is a limited edition military variant of the classic Freelancer.

Delta Mustang: Delta Mustang is armed with heavier weapons and missiles to give new residents slightly more weapons.

Razor EX: Stealth edition stealth that is equipped with signature reducing materials and low attractive components.

Reliant Tana: Easy-to-maintain, versatile and lightweight fighter.

Starfarer Gemini: The Gemini version sacrifices fuel capacity for armor and missile launchers.

May 30 – June 1: Interplanetary Drake

Pirate: Light fighters who sacrifice endurance (and ejection seats) for raw firepower.

Caterpillar: Heavy multi-crew commercial carrier. Lightly armed with superior cargo capacity.

Cutlass Black: Back black. Drake’s favorite pirate is a very versatile ship with combat and cargo skills.

Cutlass Blue: The ship of choice to patrol thanks to missiles, quantum dampers, and holding cells to a standard model.

Red Cutlass: Emergency response and support vessels with medical rooms, long range radar capabilities and a range of defense options.

Black Dragonfly: A two-seat grav-lev bicycle that easily crosses rough terrain or open space.

Bentara: There are no safe secrets. Drake Herald captures and stores information before leaving at high speed.

Invictus Launch Week Begins with Citizen 4 Star

In development by Cloud Imperium Games and their studios throughout North America and Europe, Star Citizens is being led by creator of Wing Commander (1990s) Chris Roberts. The game is currently in a long-term alpha phase with no confirmed release date. Despite this, the studio has raised more than $ 265 million USD through ongoing crowdfunding. Please remember if you decide to buy Star Citizen, that this is an incomplete project and that you promise to extend crowdfunding campaigns without a 100% guarantee of the finished product.

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