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Pixel 4 XL.

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In May last year, Google launched Pixel 3A and 3A XL. That was the first foray of a Pixel phone into a more affordable price bracket – and maybe Google returns to the cheaper the previous Nexus days. The price is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the main Pixel 3 Major partner, Pixel 3A phones shave main features such as wireless charging and water resistance. But it remains a viable alternative for Android users who are looking for a lower cost Pixel phone experience.

The strategic move was successful and Pixel 3A doubles Google Pixel sales that summer. Therefore, we hope that the sequel to Pixel 3A phones, which might be called Pixel 4A and 4A XL, will be coming soon. Google already said it will announce a beta version of Android 11 through an online event on June 3, and can use the same event to announce Pixel 4A. In addition, Google’s rivals released a number of midtier handsets themselves. In April alone, Apple launched a new $ 399 iPhone SE, Samsung announces the next midrange lineup Galaxy A phone. and Motorola started the sub-$ 300 Moto G Power and G. Stylus. Now, more than ever, telephone makers are targeting people with tighter budgets, who might have just held their old phones for another year.

To anticipate Google’s expected announcement of Pixel 4A and 4A XL, we collected the most interesting and interesting ones a rumor about the device. And until the launch happens, check back as often as possible when we update rounding.

Price of Pixel 4A: $ 399 looks the most likely

Last year’s 3A Pixels cost $ 399, £ 399 and AU $ 649; XL 3A costs $ 479, £ 469 and AU $ 799. It’s no surprise that Google maintains the same pricing model this year for its Pixel 4A phones. The reason is twofold: Raising the price of devices specifically targeted at budget-minded users will be a strange step. Second, premium cellphone makers seem to regard $ 399 as a sign of a good price. The new Apple iPhone SE, for example, is $ 399 like Samsung Galaxy A51, Which is the latest most sophisticated mobile phone Galaxy A series. A A mock billboard shows $ 399 Prices posted by Leaker Technology Evan Blass also noted the same price.

In addition, Stephen Hall from 9to5 Google tweeted that Pixel 4A could be cheaper, starting at $ 349 instead. This will make it more competitive against the iPhone SE and will attract more budget-minded users.

Pixel 4A runs Android 10, maybe Android 11?

Google usually launches its latest mobile OS in May, during its annual developer conference known as Google I / O
. However, because of COVID-19 concerns, the person said the event was canceled this year. Instead, the company will release a beta version of Android 11 through an online event on June 3. Google can use the same event to announce Pixel 4A, as it did last year for Pixel 3A and Google I / O 2019 (more about possible launch dates below). Optimistically, Pixel 4A can run the final version of Android 11 right out of the box. However, time may be too short. What might have happened instead is that Pixel 4A is running Android 10 when it enters users, but will be updated to Android 11 later. This makes sense since last year, Pixel 3A runs Android 9, which was released publicly in 2018, although the third beta version of Android 10 was announced the same day as Pixel 3A on I / O.

Pixel 4A release date: May, June or July

With the launch of Pixel 3A as the only reference to continue, it is difficult to determine the exact launch date for Pixel 4A. If Google stays in the same month at least, we can start a possible launch date in May, even though the end of the month is fast approaching. (One report from the German website Caschys Blog, go further and say that the telephone will launch on May 22 in Europe, even though this is ultimately not true.)

Given that Google said it would announce Android 11 at an online event on June 3, however, it could also mean that the phone will be launched by then. This makes sense given that technology companies usually don’t hold two leading product launches a month apart. Others say it might come later. David Ruddock from Android Police, for example, tweeted that the cellphone will be delayed until July.

Pixel 4A may have a hollow hole and costs $ 399.

Evan Blass

Pixel 4A design: Maybe a hole-punch camera, headphone jack

There is no way to know what Pixel 4A looks like at this time, however make a device image from the Indian technology website 91Mobiles show the phone with a hole camera and headphone jack. The camera hole will be consistent with the billboard mockup mentioned earlier, and is a trendy design that is displayed on the Galaxy S20 and OnePlus 8 telephone. It should have leaked an image from the Google Pixel 4A wallpaper, reported by XDA Developer and YouTube channel TecnoLike Plus, also recommends a hole camera. Maintaining the headphone jack won’t be too unpredictable because Pixel 3A also has it. But because more and more cellphones don’t have audio ports, included Pixel 4, Google can do this by keeping it or leaving it on Pixel 4A.

Will Pixel 4A also have the big Pixel 4 camera bump?

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Pixel 4A Camera: May have the same dual camera as Pixel 4

One of the most interesting things about Pixel 3A is that it has an excellent camera similar to Pixel 3, and it makes sense for Google to package Pixel 4A with the same camera hardware as Pixel 4. That might include two rear cameras (standard camera 12.2 megapixels and 16 megapixel telephoto lens) and 8 megapixel front-facing camera. But don’t be too surprised if Google decides to mix it by not copying it correctly. Last year, it did not bring a second front-facing wide-angle camera in Pixel 3 to Pixel 3A, and debuted a time-lapse video mode on the new Pixel 3A on Pixel phones.

Pixel 4A and 5G connectivity?

When Google launched Pixel 4 and 4 XL in October 2019, the company not reveal the 5G plan and hasn’t revealed 5G’s plans since. It would be surprising if the company decided that mid-level Pixel 4A would be its first 5G phone; one would think it would save the tent feature for the upcoming Pixel 5 flagship (expected in October). But thanks to Qualcomm it’s more affordable Snapdragon 765 Chipset, cheaper phones can have 5G connectivity and cheap 5G phones are already available, like Coolpad Legacy 5G and TCL 10 5G, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

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