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Regarding the gap between the display and hinges

Motorola designed the all-new Moto Razr folding phone around the OG design on the 2004 Moto Razr flip phone, and not vice versa. Therefore, you can see certain development related problems. One such problem is that in the midst of folding action, you will be able to see a rather alarming gap between the cellphone hinges and the screen. Certain reports have shown that the screen is chipped right on the fold …

Access the back cover

Remember the simpler times when all you had to do was slide off the back panel (plastic or metal) to access the cellphone battery? The appearance of the modern Moto Razr requires heat applied strategically and little effort to do the same. However, when separating the back panel, the fingerprint sensor cable is found in a rather precarious position which can be easily torn if in a hurry.

Baby battery and one rear camera

The new Moto Razr is equipped with two batteries totaling 2510 mAh. Somewhat sluggish for smartphones 2020, we must say. In comparison, Galaxy Fold has two batteries as well, with only one having the same capacity as the two Razr batteries. In the new Moto Razr, the first battery is easy to extract (with a little coercion) after removing the rear panel, but the second (behind the Quick View display) is hidden behind several cables. Surprisingly, this exorbitant cellphone only uses a 16MP rear lens.

Flexible display that is difficult to access

The flexible and plastic screen must first be removed from the cellphone’s bottom chin. OLED flexible release by removing a few extra screws (from the inside) and extracting them from the metal bracket after using an infinite number of tools. iFixit states that the process is not reliable. Even after the OLED screen is extracted, a second battery is attached to the screen. Replacing one can be a difficult process. The screen is likely to be Samsung S6SY77CX, which is one of Samsung’s famous touch controllers.

Springs, plates and gears

It is not a habit to find mechanical components in a smartphone, however, with the inclusion of folding phones that we might see in 2020, it will become commonplace. The new Razr folding action consists of parts like continuous hinges, support plates and springs. These units work in an integrated manner to ensure that fragile OLED screens remain protected. They provide screen support and separate them when the phone is open and move smoothly to create large space that prevents too much display when closed.

Motherboard and mucus are curious

After extracting the first battery behind the back panel, the motherboard starts to appear. However, an ordinary coin-style vibration motor is blocking the road. There are also some strange-looking slime that might have some dielectric oil to add some water resistance to the logic board. This motherboard has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 SoC, a Samsung 6GB LPDDR4 RAM and a 128GB storage package. It also features two Skyworks modules, one low band and one high band, radio frequency IC, power management IC and many more.

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