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It was another big week for rumors this week, with many reports about Apple’s augmented reality glasses, iPhone 12, and Apple’s “AirPods Studio” over-ear headphones. This week also saw the release of iOS 13.5, bringing a number of health related updates to Apple mobile devices.

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Other topics of interest this week include our views on Comply ear replacement foam tips for AirPods Pro, and some signs that existing HomePod supplies may be shrinking, suggesting that we may be getting closer to the release of lower updates or rumors. cost model. Read below and click on the video above for a full recap of the biggest story of the week!

‘Apple Glass’ Reportedly Begins with $ 499, Supports Prescription Lenses, and More

Following last week’s rumors from Ming-Chi Kuo about Apple’s augmented reality glasses which could potentially be launched in 2022, we have seen rumors of new rumors led by a massive report from Jon Prosser share some of the details he hears about them.

Prosser said the glasses would be called “Apple Glass” and would start at $ 499, with prescription lenses available at an additional cost. In line with previous rumors, he said Apple Glass would rely on iPhone pairs for most of its functions, allowing the glasses themselves to be as thin and light as possible.

According to Prosser sources, Apple’s original plan involved opening Apple Glass at the annual “iPhone” event in September or October, but restrictions on direct meetings could push its debut back to the March 2021 event. DigiTimes offer a similar timeline, which shows that “small volume production” can begin in the first half of next year, with a launch some time later this year.

Apple Released iPadOS and iOS 13.5 with the Exposure Notification API, Face ID Mask Update, FaceTime Group Changes, and More

Apple this week released iOS 13.5, a key health-related update that presents many features related to the ongoing public health crisis. Especially, it gives COVID-19 Exposure Notification API which will allow public health entities to create applications to warn users if they are close to someone who is later tested positive for the virus.

iOS 13.5 also makes it easy to unlock Face ID devices when wearing a mask, bringing up the passcode entry screen faster when the mask is detected. And for users who spend more time on the FaceTime Group, Apple has added an option to turn off the Automatic Prominence feature that magnifies the tiles of anyone who talks. Finally, there is a new feature that allows your Medical ID information to be shared automatically with first responders when making emergency calls.

There is also an iPadOS 13.5 update with a subset of iPhone features, as well as a watchOS 6.2.5 update which brings the ECG application and irregular heart rhythm notifications to Saudi Arabia and adds a new Pride watch face.

iPhone 12 May Not Be Present With EarPods in the Box, Apple Will Introduce AirPod Promotion in the Second Half of 2020

According to leading analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s 12th iPhone lineup later this year may not include EarPod cable earphones in the box. Although Apple has included wired earphones since the original iPhone in 2007, many users today do not use the included earphones, choosing instead the wired or wireless accessory they like.

Given the popularity of Apple’s AirPods wireless lineup, the move is likely to increase demand for the accessory, and Kuo said Apple is likely to offer a “special AirPods promotion” at the end of the year, although he did not specify what the promotion would look like.

On other iPhone 12 news, a Extensive report from screen analyst Ross Young outlining his hopes for all four models of the iPhone 12, ranging from the 2340×1080 5.4 inch screen on the smallest to the 2778×1284 screen on the largest 6.7 inch model.

And finally, this week may see us The first important leakage part for the iPhone 12 in the form of a main logic board. The part in question seems to have been created in October 2019, which will make it a relatively early prototype, so we have to see if that ultimately becomes one of the last cell phone designs.

Smaller HomePod, Lower Prices Appear Closer to Launch

Apple is rumored to have a smaller HomePod, cheaper on deck for later this year, and there is more and more signs that the new model will appear.

In addition Best Buy offers HomePod which sells for $ 199.99 this week, BloombergMark Gurman noted that Apple employees can now buy up to 10 HomePods at a 50 percent discount, up from limit two. Larger purchase limits could be part of Apple’s efforts to erase the current HomePod inventory in front of the new model.

Finally, HomePod is listed as “sold out” at Apple’s online store in the United States last week, although only briefly.

Practical With Comply’s Foam Tips for AirPods Pro

Apple Pro AirPods are shipped with a silicone tip that fits inside the ear, but people who prefer a tighter or more comfortable foam have been modding their earbuds to add a layer of foam. That is no longer needed, as the famous earphone tips company Comply now sends foam tips that are compatible with AirPods Pro.

We pick up a pair of new Foam Meet Tips for irAirPods Pro, which consists of three pairs for $ 25, and tests them in our latest YouTube video to see if they are compatible and whether they are enhancements to the silicon tips included with “AirPods Pro”.

Apple’s ‘AirPods Studio’ Over-Ear Headphones Have Reported Shutting Down Production

We’ve heard a little recently about Apple’s long-rumored over-ear headphones, said to be “AirPods Studio,” and it looks like the launch is coming soon.

Rumors in general suggest a summer or fall launch for “AirPods Studio”, with a report earlier this week stating that suppliers in Vietnam will start shipping to Apple in June or July, but a new report from DigiTimes indicate that production on new headphones is already in progress.

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