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Borderlands 3 is in a strange place right now because I don’t like farming … anything, really, until we know more about promised to come in the list of nerds.

In theory, now it should be when we plant the very powerful Cartel weapons from the incident before disappearing on June 4. We know that the weapons disappear, even if the anointing introduced to the Cartel content remains, but it also seems not a good idea to waste too much time processing it.

Problem? Gearbox has announced that the June 4 patch will nerf enemy health, shields and armor in Mayhem 7-10 is quite significant. And while some of the less used weapons will get fans, they also say that higher-performance weapons will be targeted, which undoubtedly means the choice of a Cartel weapon which, with certain anointing, has shredded Mayhem 10 even on there is health values. I also think this applies to some new Mayhem 6+ weapons too.

This is what in my opinion is not really “safe” to plant at the moment, given the upcoming bookish:

Cartel weapons:

OPQ system

Yellow Cake


Grease Trap (maybe)

Mayhem 6+ weapons:



Sand Hawk

Maybe there is more to it, and I don’t know what I would choose from the more general collection of loot. Maybe Nukem or Hellshock or ION Cannon, depending on how much attention they draw from the Gearbox.

Especially for cartel weapons, I guess you can just continue farming in terms of that Gearbox catches them and they end up being a strong choice, but usually when nerds come, they come hard, so I won’t be surprised to see the OPQ System, for example, will be as vain as most AR Atlas after graduation, or Yellowcake is far from clear-space now.

The problem is I don’t really know whether we will get information about what was abused and rubbed until June 4 itself, which puts the next two weeks in total limbo. I didn’t really want to waste my time doing something that would not be useful, and also potentially throw away equipment that might end up being rubbed with that patch too, which saw underutilized weapons and anointing. So at this point, even with the end of the Cartel event, I think the right game is to just rest and see where we are when the dust settles on June 4 at the launch of the new Takedown.

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