You have to give Motorola props to be persistent, push out cell phones for the sake of the phone even though the sales numbers aren’t encouraging at all levels. However, it also creates confusion when there are too many choices to choose from, especially when the choices are too similar to each other. That hasn’t stopped the phone maker and Motorola doesn’t seem to be interested in canceling that trend. Just two months after launching its flagship Edge partner, Motorola is expected to launch One Fusion + and One Fusion to target the middle class market today.

The Motorola Edge non-Plus has actually straddled the thin line between mid-range and premium. Snapdragon 765G marks it for that level but 5G support gives it an edge over other middle class phones. That advantage, however, will not be available for Motorola One Fusion + if it’s the latest accidental leakage from the YouTube Device Report is everything.

Different from leak last monthOne Fusion + will be equipped with Snapdragon 730, only one generation is ashamed of what Motorola Edge has. It also has a smaller screen, measured at 6.5 inches, but still maxes at 1080p like the cheaper Edge. Surprisingly enough, the wrong YouTube image for Motorola Edge shows that the company has switched the wrong ones, with One Fusion + potentially looking like the phone below.

XDA also works gather more information about cellphones, including 4 to 6 GB of RAM and 64 to 128 GB of storage. Along with the ISOCELL Bright GW1 64MP camera, the Motorola One Fusion + starts to sound more like a variant of the Motorola Edge.

To further complicate matters, there is also the Motorola One Fusion, without a plus, which is expected to debut in June. With a foldable Razr, two Edge phones, two One Fusion + phones, several One and G models, Motorola practically covers all of its bases in the smartphone market. That or that just throws everything on the wall to see which is sticking.

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