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Minecraft is not only one of the greatest games of all time, it transcends the limits of what we know as games. You can find it being used in classrooms, where it can be used to teach design and construction skills, a simple trawl through Youtube will produce a number of very accurate reconstructions of both the real world and fictional locations, and in recent months, it has even become a warehouse for forbidden texts, avoiding regime laws that prohibit free speech.

Minecraft Dungeons are unlikely to see the use of concepts or humanity so high. Instead, he took the world of Minecraft glob and turned it into a multiplayer dungeon crawler. I imagine elevators are “Minecraft meets Diablo”, and do you believe that’s exactly what it is?


Underground exploration gives you and any friends you like to take to the dungeons / mines / dungeons to send enemies who are mostly undeads that you will find there, while continuing to keep an eye on treasure chests full of goods spoils and resources. The urge to find slightly better armor, or a sword that does magical fire damage, has proven to be an intoxicating mixture, with the best examples – Diablo, Torchlight and their colleagues – keeping the genre alive.

Minecraft Dungeons takes all of that, and wraps it in beautiful isometric Minecraft skin. Apart from the simple and clogged visual nature of the franchise, this is perfect for a backward-looking perspective, and gives the impression that this is really a Minecraft game. It is aided by recognizable creatures and immortals who fill each stage. From Illagers who are at the heart of the game’s mistakes, to enduring horrific Endermens who jump out of reach whenever you think you have cornered them, they make perfect underground exploration forage.

There is a light narrative that runs throughout the game, because it falls on your shoulder to end the tyrannical rule of the Arch-Illager that has spoiled the view. Each cutscene looks fantastic and truly enlivens the world, but is inseparable from all bashing, shooting arrows, or gathering loot. The formation of your character, your melee and your long range weaponry, and your artifacts are at the heart of this game.

There are nine stages in total – with more promised on the level select screen – and they each display a different Minecraft-themed area. Traveling through them all might not take too long, especially with a group of committed friends – whether you play locally or online – but you can go back to each level, overcome difficulties and find better equipment, in the ongoing condition of a repetitive circle satisfying times.

Anyone who has played Diablo knows the importance of looting, and Minecraft Dungeons has weighed it perfectly for a younger audience and fans of the genre. Chests and drops from enemies are all color-coded so that they can only be taken by suitable players. No one is fighting over booty, and the only time an ounce of selfishness can come in is in a supply chest where everyone gets one round, but anyone can take the items that fly out.

Not so pervasive either being annoying. You can go to your settings by pressing a button, but you will soon find out that this does not stop the game, which means that only with the agreement you can stop and enter your equipment settings. This can still cause some problems in local cooperatives, with the wrong key presses that not only stop the action, but often leave you at the mercy of the newly emerging masses.

Another element that makes the course of the main game is Enchantment. Every time you level up, you get points for spending enchanting selected items, adding new passive skills or abilities to your loading. This is a clean and simple arrangement, making everything more accessible by being able to get back all your charm points when you tear a weapon that is no longer in use.

Everything becomes more complicated, and more involved as you progress. Where basic weaponry may appear straightforward, loot increases, with a variety of different Enchantes and can often be chosen. After you add in Artifacts, which can do things like laying a healing circle or spawning llamas to help you in battle, you have many elements that can be used to play around.

This means you will spend more time playing with your set-up even further, and it spends all impressive. It takes away all the sensation that this is a stripped dungeon crawler crawler, and scratches the min-max itch that is exactly the same as that of the best dungeon explorer.

The fact that you can do all this with up to three friends, both online and in the real world, is increasingly improving the game, and co-op is a better way to experience the game. There are some distractions – sometimes you can forget your avatar in the midst of everything, especially when there are four of you running around – but it’s a small price to pay for panic, attractive, and all the sweet and stiff booty.


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