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It seems that Germany, Switzerland, Latvia, and Estonia are four of the 22 countries that adopted Apple / Google API for them corona virus Contact tracking application …

A Reuters reports confirm that Latvia did it.

Latvia aims to be one of the first countries to launch a smartphone application using a new toolkit made by technology giant A. Apple and the Google Alphabet to help track down coronavirus virus infections. […]

Apturi Covid (Stop Covid) Latvian application is […] based on technology launched last week by Apple and Google, whose operating systems iOS and Android run 99% of the world’s smartphones.

“The developers believe that reliance on this standard will ensure widespread adoption and also compatibility over time with contact tracking applications worldwide that are also expected to adopt the same exposure notification framework,” the application developer said in a statement.

Germany has decided to do it, turn back from the previous position. That Reuters The report also implies that Switzerland and Estonia did the same thing, although it did not explicitly say so.

His approach aligns Latvia with a loose coalition of European countries – including Germany, Switzerland, and Estonia – which seeks to enable their national applications to ‘talk’ with each other across borders.

‘Coalition’ can be interpreted as other countries that adopt Apple / Google API, or only those countries that have agreed to work across borders. Already available pan-European proposal for this, which lists the API as one of three acceptable approaches. Switzerland has previously indicated its intention to use an API created by two technology giants.

At this stage, the most likely bet is for most European countries to adopt an API for their application, despite the fact that Apple has only confirmed a total of 22 countries globally explaining that this is uncertain.

France and English have run their own way, with centralized applications, although the latter also seems line up to turn around.

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