Which Animal Crossing village are you trying to ditch? | Instant News

I won’t tell you if you don’t want to!

Maybe you have one villager in mind. Maybe you are secretly plotting against your entire island community on Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Either way, I’m curious! Who do you have it for?

The more I fell into my daily routine, the less patience I had for a group of my weightlifting freaks. There were too many athletes running around, and much like a pitch-black loading screen that revealed an unfortunate reflection staring back at the screen, these villagers blew up my feeling of relaxed escape. They reminded me that I didn’t exercise enough – or, uh, at all – from home.

Not because I have my surrogate villagers who are perfect in mind and crazy hatch schemes to seduce them. (Yeah, okay, Ankha is on my dream team.) More than that I want to ride in a new personality.

However, if I can get rid of one villager, I will choose the poster boy – the man who was there from the start. The only animals on my island that really bother me for no real reason. (What is this game, and how does it make us form a grudge against the neighbors’ best meanings?)

Lyman, it’s you.

You have seen too much, and you must leave.

Don’t drag this again.

I will use Nook’s professional cleaning service if I have to.

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