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I hope Minecraft Dungeons become like the LEGO iteration of the classic Diablo dungeon crawler game. I hope that we will get a child-friendly explosion from the past. Instead, what we got was a surprising new perspective on the combination of game formats and the Miencraft brand. And there is plenty of room for growth. All game needs are one update.

This summer, when the masses (hopefully) join online games, Minecraft Dungeons has the opportunity to grow into a game worth playing. Like the LEGO video game made over the past decade, this Minecraft game does not make full use of this format. For LEGO, most (not all, but most) games throw most LEGO brick buildings in the trash – relying on slapstick comedy to connect the game to original plastic toys.

They are not the same thing. It seems that there are enough people out there who consider the LEGO format of the game to be serious enough that they have changed PRECIOUS a little over the past half decade. But the potential for constructive LEGO games is, in my opinion, enormous, as if they are deliberately avoiding it.

The same applies to Minecraft Dungeons. The great thing about original Minecraft is the user’s ability to destroy the environment and rebuild it in amazing and often unexpected ways. Minecraft Dungeons is one of a growing collection of games that forget about the most unique and most interesting parts of the Minecraft universe.

All Minecraft Dungeons needs is an update (or game mode) where the entire universe is an open sandbox. What I want to be able to do is continue the search for stories told by the game … at the same time I can utilize my very basic knowledge of how to make swords from iron and make traps by digging tunnels on the ground, where my enemy figures no meaning.

Because without the slightest, Minecraft itself, only brand exploits without rewards. If I’m going to play a game that is all square in shape with graphics centered on pixels, I want to be able to punch trees and build towers with the ground.

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