XCOM 2 Studio Switch Has “No Doubt” That They Can Handle All PS4 Or Xbox One Ports For Nintendo Console | Instant News

XCOM 2 Collection will come to Activate May 29th Besides The Legendary Borderlands Collection and BioShock: Collection. While the last two collect games from the Xbox 360 and PS3, XCOM 2 started life as an exclusive PC before finally coming to PS4 and Xbox One. In a new interview, Virtuos port studios have talked about how they brought the game to the Nintendo system – and what they thought might be on the system.

Speak to Nintendo Life, Virtuos senior producer Zhang Chengwei has talked about the process of bringing the game, complete with all its DLCs, to the Switch. According to Chengwei, they “developed an intelligent multipurpose rendering library that allows XCOM 2 to be rendered directly on the Switch without changing the original rendering module from Unreal Engine 3,” which helps handle Switch memory reduction (4GB – PC version requires 7GB). “I would say that we spent half a year just optimizing memory, and we used many methods during this period, including using more efficient formats for files, removing unnecessary memory usage, and even modifying and optimizing the original console memory system,” she says.

Virtuos also developed the Bioshock: The Collection port, as well as the Switch port that would come from The outside world, and Chengwei talked generally about their process. He outlines what he calls the “Virtuos Solution,” which involves discussing expectations with publishers and figuring out what should be prioritized. “We propose the best solution for how to fully use the best features of the Switch and really make the game shine, not just as a game, but specifically as a Switch game,” he said.

“From the back of our work Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Dark Souls: Remastered“The Outer Worlds and the upcoming XCOM 2, we now have no doubt that the Switch adaptation can be used for games on one of the current generation of consoles,” he said.

Even though we might not see the Switch port, say, Red Dead Redemption 2 in the near future, Virtuos’ statements line up with the caliber of the current generation titles that we see being transferred to the Switch, including The Witcher 3 (Saber Interactive) and Wolfenstein II (Panic button). “The more games we develop for Switch, the better we get and the more we can squeeze from hardware,” Chengwei said.

Other major port switches to come include Eternal Apocalypse and Paradise Burnout Remastered.

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