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Minecraft Dungeons is the latest adventure from the creators of Minecraft Mojang, and introduces a new spin on the classic Minecraft formula. Instead of assigning you to make structures of various types of blocks directly, it asks you to explore various dungeons in third person view, defeat enemies along the way to reach the evil Arch-Illager castle and carry it. down once and for all.

Even though Minecraft Dungeons isn’t the most difficult game, there are definitely some things you should take before you move it up – especially so if you are a Minecraft fan who doesn’t have much experience with underground exploration. Luckily, we have compiled a useful, free spoiler guide for you to speed you up while you are waiting for Minecraft Dungeons to install.

In this guide, you will find important tips and tricks that we obtained from the time we played the game. Once you feel you have a handle on the basics, keep looking for more guides that focus on things like how the charm system works in Minecraft Dungeons. If this is the first time you’ve heard of the Minecraft spin off game and you have an unanswered question, consider reading our compiled article everything you need to know about Minecraft Dungeons.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the masses if you are not aggressive enough.

How to Fight Mass

One of the first things you will notice in Minecraft Dungeons is that the hordes – large groups of enemies that attack you all at once – are really cruel. Instead of panicking and running away, it’s best to charge directly and handle it directly. This is because if you find yourself cornered, it’s easy to become overwhelmed without the means to escape, while being aggressive in your own way allows you to carve your way through enemies in a more methodical way.

Basically, be sure to take mass in large chunks at your own pace, and with growing momentum. Also, don’t be afraid to mix: Just like your main weapon, you have charming bows, artifacts, and armor to accentuate your endurance – don’t worry, we’ll break it all down in detail too.

Points Without Reserve Charms

Enchantment is your bread and butter in Minecraft Basements. Every piece of weaponry and armor in the game can be charmed – some of the more rare types can even hold three!

Enchantment generally offers a variety of buffs that are designed to improve your overall power rating. One charm might speed up how quickly you reload your bow, while another can fill your armor with lightning that is removed with each and every strategic battle reel. Almost every charm in the game is worth using, so it’s a good idea to play around with a few until you find a combination that works for you.

To truly apply charm to your items, you must spend charm points. You get one point each time you level up, but don’t worry: if you enchant an item, you can get back the charm points you invested in by saving the item, which destroys it and captures you some money too. Basically, don’t be afraid to enchant items early on – you can sell them once you get better items, get a large number of charm points and allow you to go wild with new, stronger weapons and armor.

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Use Your Bows and Arrows (Almost) All the Time

If you have used bows and arrows in video games before, you might realize how conservative you need to be with your quiver. Fortunately, even though the arrows in Minecraft Dungeons aren’t quite infinite, they can definitely be planted.

Playing back the old level at a lower difficulty level allows you to quickly and easily get the crazy number of arrows, so you don’t need to worry about putting out your quiver. Arrows were dropped by enemies, especially skeletons, as well as brown chests labeled “Supplies.” So yes, arrows are easy to get – but this is why this is important.

Arrows are very flexible in Minecraft Dungeons – on one hand, you can defeat heavy enemies before they even reach melee, especially if you have a bow that is blown away with the ability to fire giant arrows or get ricochet shot bonuses. At the same time, you can quickly shoot those pesky witches who run away whenever you come close to swing your sword. Don’t even make me start being the boss – the arrow is your good friend here too.

Basically, arrows are abundant, strong, and very helpful – use them!

Crate Is Important

Chests in Minecraft Dungeons are quite hard to come by, but they are also worth looking for.

Each individual area in Minecraft Dungeons has a unique array of weapons, armor and artifacts to uncover. Sometimes you might get a rare drop after defeating a miniboss like Evoker or Redstone Golem. However, the best way to get unique booty, at least most of the time, is to choose to actively ignore search markers and explore unnecessary parts … the dungeons of Minecraft Dungeons.

There are various types of crates here too. Often, you will find supply crates, which are a kind of checkpoint marker designed to give you food that restores health and useful vibrations full of additional arrows. But sometimes you will find different crates, which can potentially contain weapons, armor, and unique artifacts that cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game.

If you struggle with a higher level dungeon, it’s good to train in the dungeon that you have cleared. And when you do that, you have to make a conscious effort to explore every nook and cranny in the basement level – it’s much easier now than before, so you might be able to explore the entire map faster than you run the original linear. A chest hunt will ensure you will use the strongest weapon, wear the best armor, and launch the strongest arrow in no time. So don’t be afraid to rescan old tracks – be sure to pay extra attention if you do.

How to Jump Over Passages

Minecraft Dungeons doesn’t have a special jump button, so you might find yourself scratching your head after seeing a deep and seemingly impassable chasm that separates you from a luxurious chest.

Don’t worry: if the drop is only a few boxes wide, simply using the roll button toward the ravine will allow you to access hard-to-reach areas, which are often home to very scarce equipment. Just don’t forget that many of these jumps have been rigged so that you are ambushed after opening the chest – the gear is always worth it, but you want to make sure that your preparations are airtight before committing.

However, if the gap looks big enough, don’t bother trying. You don’t lose your life from falling off the map, but you respawn with poor health, which when combined with the fact that you usually respawn mid-mob, is almost as bad as dying in the first place. With the same logic, small jumps, though of course can be skipped, should not be underestimated either – their time is right, or you will come back to life resentfully you even take the opportunity in the first place, lethargic, spoil, and will become lifeless.

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The Best Way to Approach Boss Fight in Minecraft Underground

There is one very, very important detail to remember about Minecraft Dungeons boss fights. If you lose your life, and it’s not the last, you can try again from where you left off. So, if the boss only has a small piece of health left when you die, for example, you only need to land one hit when you return to the arena, which you will respawn right outside. Comfortable enough!

So, if you have two or three lives to play, it is actually useful to experiment with some fairly radical strategies. Sometimes, suicide with TNT can be a very brave but clever move, because it damages the boss’s damage and you can return to fresh battles like daisies.

Remember to always keep an eye on your life, because you only have four. If you are in the last position, you want to prioritize avoiding all incoming damage and get one or two attacks while safe, Dark Soul style. TNT explosion is not recommended in this situation, obviously.

How to Prioritize Your Targets

Enemies in Minecraft Dungeons are versatile. You can kill several with one hit, while others can catch millions of arrows. The less sturdy type is definitely what you should get rid of first.

In Minecraft Dungeons, all enemies can do damage to you, but only a few can survive. If you focus all your energy on the main and most important armored enemy, everything that is easily killed will simultaneously lament you and you will die in no time. On the other hand, killing them with just one hit will allow you to go one on one with heavier players, which really gives you a chance. With the sword, bow, and artifact you want, this type of slow-moving tank won’t get a chance.

So, clean up the easy enemies first, and when there is only one big armored villain left, they will basically just be arrow baits. Fight cleverly and you will never lose.

Break all of these rules if you see a mage. They must be killed first at all times, no matter what, because they invade the enemy until they can hardly be killed. Honestly, if you see mages, drop them all and head straight for them, even if it means heading straight into the middle of the mass. They are weak, so one arrow will drop it, but make sure you really shoot the arrow or you will have a very difficult fight on your hands.

There are two development metrics in Minecraft Dungeons: character level, and power rating.

The truth is that nothing is too important. Up the level of your net access to charm points, which is very important, but the strength of most shows only numerical recommendations is almost arbitrary to enter the dungeon. I completed several level 22 dungeons at level 16 power, but were defeated in a few minutes when I tried level 16 dungeons shortly after.

That’s why it’s important not to worry too much about power ratings. If the dungeon is recommended as 20 strength, and you are only at 12, it can still be worth cracking. Each equipment and equipment has a power rating, but a higher power rating does not necessarily make it a better item, which means that an overall power level of 30 can be dramatically worse than other buildings rated 15.

The reason for this is mostly because each item has unique enchanting potential, so even though one ax can be rated as 12 power, it can have two charm slots, while the level 18 version might only have one. On top of that, because each charm is unique, 18 axes may have a bad choice, while a captain who is technically less valuable can allow you to combine lightning attacks with soul absorption. What is absorption of the soul, you ask? Good…

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How to use Soul Build In Minecraft Dungeons

This last tip isn’t entirely necessary, but if you really want to deal damage in Minecraft Dungeons, you can commit to a magical building based on something called “soul gathering.”

On top of the standard armor in Minecraft Dungeons, you can collect rare Soul Robes that allow you to harvest the souls of the enemies you killed. Now, this might sound complicated, and it was a bit difficult at first, but here’s the deal – Artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons are a kind of spell, which you can use instead of your weapon. Some allow you to summon wolves or llamas, while others allow you to ignite your trembling, or lay down special totems that will heal you in mid-battle.

So what is mental damage? Well, the artifacts above can be used by building anything, but certain soul artifacts serve as a backup for the souls you collect. This artifact does one of two things: dealing damage, or regaining health. It should be noted that the Soul Cloak reduces the cooldown time of artifacts, acts in the same capacity as the Mage Robes in traditional RPGs, and if you play smart, you will basically have an infinite circle of devastating soul damage and healing of the last soul.

So, if you are familiar with Minecraft Dungeons and want to try something a little more fun, decorate yourself with nice soul clothes, complete a soul dagger and soul bow – which harvests the soul faster, as you would expect – and get soul artifacts your best magic in sequence. Suddenly you will be almost invincible – just don’t forget the previous tips.

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